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    Last updated: January 15, 2018

    2018-01-15 Minutes of the January meeting are  posted - go through Members page

Pamphlet2018-t Things are moving and will be happening!   Read all about them in the brand new 2018 Pamphlet, then print it out and post it at your barn or otherwise share it around with potential participants and visitors to ourEIA-t rides.

Come to the dinner on Saturday January 20, see below.

On Feb 24, at 9 am we will have a presentation about the Equine Infectious Anemia (aka “swamp feever”) by Dr. Glenn Sinclair. This will take place in the morning just before the next meeting, at Janine’Thomson’s - please register with Janine by Feb 16 if you wish to attend



It's that time again for the annual fundraiser: Bud Spud & Bird! Get your tickets now by contacting me - also if you can sell some let me know. It's a great meal and a social time! It's coming fast so don't wait. You can also etransfer me payment and I will have your tickets at the door.
Janine Thomson,
 Secretary for MTRC chrisjanfarms@mymts.net




    2017-11-05 Thanks to all who attended  AGM. The minutes of the meeting are posted, go through Members page. Congratulations to the champions, see them on the Awards page, and to everybody who participated, rode, or volunteered, WELL DONE!



    The Miles Ridden file has been updated to 2017, The Excel file has all kinds of data (by horse and rider etc,) and also goes way back in history. Here is a short version, summarizing are the mileages of  current member up to end of 2017. (click the picture for larger view) or go to the Miles Ridden page




    .We have been featured (as centerfold, no less!) in The Amateur Sports News community newspaper. Click on the thumbnail to get/download a readable-sized picture.






    facebookFacebook MTRC  While there is no longer a forum, members can communicate via a MTRC Facebook page.

    To all  PROSPECTIVE NEW RIDERS - if  you are new to the sport and unsure of yourself, do come out to ride with us anyway! We will match you up with a mentor, someone with experience in competitive rides. You can also e-mail us beforehand.

    Preregistrations: In order for a ride to be held there must be a minimum of 6 preregistered, prepaid riders.  In order for the 40 to be held we must have 2 prepaid, preregistered riders

    Anyone wishing to pre-pay  can send their payment to MaryAnn Kirk at 838 Alfred Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0T6.  She must receive it a week before the ride, or it can be dropped of at anyone of the executive at least  1 week before the ride.  In order for the 40 mile to be held there must  be at least 2 preregistered riders. It is now possible to use e-transfers. The money needs to be sent to Mary Anne, her e-mail is yaknow3@hotmail.com .  Follow the instructions on your  bank's website. Depending on your institution, there may be a charge for the transfer, but on the other hand, you will save on postage (and possibly on cheque charge). Do not send your entry form electronically, just the money. Bring the form along with you to the ride.

    Getting ready for the next riding season? Iris has prepared several useful checklists of gear that you may wish to not forget taking along. Look for it on the Useful Info page.

  • Want to know about the Rules for rides? Click here.
  • The latest, new and revised MRTC Rule Book and scoring cards are completed and posted. Linked also from the ride rules page
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