AGM 2022

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

AGM Meeting Minutes

Date:  November 5, 2022

Location: Smitty’s in Selkirk

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m.


Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Mary Anne Kirk, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Angela Roberts, Linda Cruden, Carla Melquist, Emil Kucera, Mary Greenslade, Tricia Mason,

Guest – Kylee Tonita, MHC

Additions to agenda:  MTRC Spread Sheet, Coggins Requirements, Updated Manuals and the sharing process of Manuals

Approval of the agenda: Motion to accept Linda G., seconded by Brenda – carried

Approval of 2021 AGM Minutes: Motion to accept Carla, seconded by Iris – carried

Treasurer’s Report

Mary Anne Kirk: GIC’s – $2210.96, Chequing – $2,674.95

Membership:  25 single, 6 family for a total of 37

*Detailed Financial Statement included in Appendices

Kari will send a thank you email to 2022 MTRC members for supporting the club this year and in the New Year, she will send membership fee reminder for 2023.

Board Member Reports:

The Board Member Reports were emailed to club members prior to the meeting.  The detailed reports are included as appendices.

Nomination and Election of Officers:

Linda and Mary Anne will continue the second year of their term.  Linda Cruden acted as chairperson for the election of officers.  Linda C. went over the procedure for elections.    For future reference, Kari will add a nomination process document to the MTRC files.

NominatedNominator2nd NominatorAccepted
Kari HasselriisAngelaLinda C.Yes
Brenda TolpaIrisAngelaYes
Terry McKeeLinda G.CarlaYes

New MTRC Board for 2022:                                                                                    

  • President – Kari Hasselriis
  • Vice President – Brenda Tolpa                                                                         
  • Secretary – Terry McKee
  • Treasurer – Mary Anne Kirk
  • Member at Large – Linda Gillies   

Webmaster and MHC Representative Confirmation: 

  • Web Master– Angela Roberts
  • MHC Rep – Iris Oleksuk
Kylee Tonita – MHCResults of the MHC Survey completed by MHC members will be shared in depth at the next general MHC meeting. Kylee has visited 35 barns and attended 2 club meetings so far this year for input.  She would like to go to individual club meetings early in the new year to determine what clubs would like in the way of help from MHC. Kylee requested feedback from club members regarding concerns and needs.  Concerns were shared re MEC and our club being moved to the very far north corner of the grounds.  Increased cost of water, lack of a biffy and lack of space were concerns.  There was a feeling of not belonging and lack of understanding of the club’s unique need for space. Kylee talked about MHC’s upcoming focus on connecting with recreational riders and owners of horses who keep their horses on their own property. What are the benefits people want and need from MHC?  What educational events could MHC provide for all disciplines and riders? MHC also plans to host two technical large animal rescue workshops with Dr. Rebecca Husted-Gimenez.  One would be at the MHC facility and the other at a to-be-determined site on the west side of the province.  Rebecca is the world’s leading expert on the topic of TLAR.  MHC is trying to work with Agriculture Manitoba to connect with non boarding horse owners.  A target population for the future is recreational riders who make up 80% of the horse owner population. MHC plans for 2023 include: Better Communication with the East and the West.  They are looking at having an all breeds/all discipline clinic with Tic Maynard in July at Birds Hill Park.  Day 1 is ground work, Day 2 on the horse and Day 3 is eventing.  As well every Monday, weekly events are posted on the MHC website and the first Tuesday of the month all events for the month are listed.  Clubs just have to let Kylee know what their activities/events are to have them posted.  MHC wants to develop physical calendars from March to March which would list all club events.  Clubs and riders are asked to submit photos for this calendar. Photos will display the diversity of horse activities in the province.Better Connection with clubs and horse owners.  MHC wants to make horse sport safe and affordable.  They are looking at revising MEC with a year-end event that is more appealing.  MHC is also selling Raffle Tickets in 2023 with all clubs being involved.  The proceeds would be used to benefit all clubs and activities.   
       Ride Season Awards PresentationAwardswere presented to winners present at the AGM. Winners for 2022 are:    Open Champion- HV Knights Camelot & Troi Anderson Open Reserve Champion – Just Rusty & Annette Fleming Open Junior Champion – AK Ziyeed & Ethen Garn Novice Champion – Zariana MCX & Dianne Borger Novice Reserve Champion – Ladies’ Man & Kari Hasselriis Novice Junior Champion – Ginger & Elsie Garn Training Champion – Connor and Carla Melquist Training Reserve Champion – Winston & Brenda Tolpa Training Junior Champion – Ginger and Erin Garn   Mileage Pins and Badge Awards – see Appendix for recipients   Winners not present will have their awards delivered.                                  Terry
Ride Dates and      Assignments for  2023Date, Location, Ride Manager, Trail Marker
May 27, Belair, Kari
June 27, Spruce Woods, Angela R.
July 22, Birds Hill Park, Trish M
Sept. 23, Grosse Isle, Linda G., Linda G.
Spruce Woods WeekTabled for January meeting   
2022 Grey Cup Raffle and 2023 Night Ride FundraiserIris has distributed the Grey Cup tickets to club members.  This is an excellent fundraiser for the club so thank you to all who are participating in this event.   Night Ride Fundraiser – Tabled for January meetingIris          
2023 Membership and Ride FeesIris moved that membership and ride fees for 2023 remain the same as 2022.  Seconded by Linda C.  Carried    Membership fees for 2023 are $25 for an individual and $40 for a family.  Ride fees are $35 for 15 miles, $45 for 25 miles and $55 for 40 miles if you have your coaching number you get a $5 reduction in your ride fee.  Junior riders are $10 
SponsorshipsKari has created a template for a letter that can be used to request sponsorships.  This will be discussed further at the January meeting. Kari
Updated Manuals and Role DescriptionsRole descriptions are being updated by Kari and then manuals.  When completed they will be given to Angela to post on the website. It would be beneficial to have a promo pamphlet for the club which could be handed out at various events/clinics.  Carla and Kari will work on this The binders with pictures should be put out at rides to promote interest in the sport and club.  Kari Angela   Carla Kari
Emergency RescueTricia M. shared information she had gathered from Conservation for DRM regarding Emergency Rescue for a horse or rider on the trail when there is no easy access for emergency vehicles.  For now, you have to call the TIPS line to access help.  Conservation is working on developing a Central Dispatch for search and rescue for humans.  When it is in place they will also try to assist with a horse as well but may not have experience working with horses. For rides where ATVs are not allowed we should apply for permission for a rescue ATV when completing permits.                  Ride Managers  
MTRC Mileage SpreadsheetBrenda worked on the spreadsheet to include a 2022 member info filter to simplify accessing info. Only MTRC members get awards for mileage.Brenda
Coggins TestingTabled for January meeting. 
Ride VetsMTRC would like to thank Susan Heald for the excellent job she did lining up ride vets for the last few years.  For the 2023 ride season, each Ride Manager will arrange for a vet for their ride.  Kari will contact Susan to get her vet contact list and any other information Susan shared with ride vets.  This information will be given to the Ride Managers.   Kari
Next MeetingThe next MTRC meeting will be on January 12 at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom   

Motion to adjourn:  Moved by Iris, seconded by Angela, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 11.52 a.m.


President’s Report:

No one was sure what the 2022 ride season would be like after such a cold, snowy winter and almost non-existent spring. However, MTRC successfully ran three rides: Belair, Grosse Isle, and Birds Hill Park.

Attendance was low teens, with the exception of Belair, which saw just over 20 riders. This number was a welcome sight. We had no problems during our rides and only fantastic weather. I’d like to once again thank everyone who steps up to put on a ride, trail mark, and volunteer. It’s not easy to find someone to commit to putting on a ride, so their willingness does not go unnoticed.

This year included more sponsorships that we have seen for the past while. We had Derksen Plumbing, Masterfeeds, Greenhawk, Hammer Nutrition, Canadian Horse Journal, and Sue’s Fly Boots donate either dollars or prizes. We are thankful to our sponsors.

We had one solid raffle at the end of 2021 that boosted our 2022 season: the Grey Cup raffle. Because of this success and Iris’s willingness to run it again in 2022 for our 2023 season, we anticipate a good financial boost for the next ride season.

We had a rule change in 2022 that updated the trot out and back to include a serpentine. We didn’t always set it up exactly right or even remember it, so it’s something we need to work on for 2023. We also clarified a rule regarding disqualification around going off trail.

As president, I tended to help where needed or delegate, although I understand I need to delegate a bit more! I did most of the Facebook posts and all the club communication by Facebook. Our webmaster (Angela) kept the webpage up to date, and our MHC rep (Iris) keep us in the loop with MHC updates. Thank you to them for their help.

I also updated the rule book and created position descriptions to ease people transitioning into roles or volunteering for rides. We are trying to ensure knowledge is current, easy to find, and accessible if needed.

This year is the second of my two-year term. I will be staying on for another term. I believe I still have more to learn about club operations and history, and I’d like to gather this additional knowledge to help any current and future members understand club operations. At this time, there are not many people well versed in the club’s details, so I believe it’s important to have another person also become a reliable resource.

I look forward to MTRC’s next ride season. We will be discussing a lot of great ideas at the 2022 AGM!

Thank you to my board of the past two years: Terry, Mary Anne, Brenda, and Linda, for their support, great work, and fine attitudes. I look forward to working with you again.  

 Happy trails, everyone! – Kari

Treasurer’s Report: Mary Anne Kirk

Vice President’s Report:

2022 was a successful year for MTRC.  We had 3 good rides this year with new riders joining and new memberships.    Our Belair ride had a strong signup of 20 riders, a good start to the season.   The BHP ride in August had challenges with the humidity and bugs, but we still had 12 riders participate.  We ended the season with a fun ride at Gross Isle with 13 riders and our first Mule joining the trails. 

I continued to manage the online registration details for all the rides.   Providing all report details to the Ride Managers.   I have enjoyed this task and am comfortable to continue going forward.  

We are fortunate to have great members and volunteers to help us have these successful rides.  Our club will continue to look at fund raising ideas and ways to grow the club.  We have a creative President and dedicated board, which I look forward to working with in 2023.

            Brenda Tolpa

Secretary’s Report:

As club secretary I attended all of our meetings and took the minutes.  I rode in two of the rides and volunteered as a scribe at the Birds Hill Ride.  I highly recommend volunteering as a scribe as it is a great opportunity to learn more about horses and our sport. 

In spite of the long cold winter and exceptional snow fall last winter, MTRC riders were still able to prepare and condition their horses for the 2022 ride season.  It was a pleasure working with the MTRC board and club members who are a hard working and enthusiastic group.  Their efforts resulted in three successful rides this year.  Thank you to our volunteers, vets and riders who help make these rides possible!

            Terry McKee

Member at Large Report:

I enjoyed attending all of our meetings and seeing how well Kari kept us on track. Also, it’s fun to be able to catch up with members as it’s hard to visit at rides. Although our rides didn’t always go as planned, I feel we had a great riding season and hope next year will bring more riders and new members. Our corporate sponsors allowed for more handouts and prizes and hopefully, we continue this next year. 

        Linda Gillies

Rider Pins
IdentificationAwarded2022 pin2022 Member
Anderson, Troi2022500yes
Ashton, Chelsea2022300 & 500yes
Carnegie, Wendy20223500yes
Garn, Elsie2022750yes
Garn, Ethen20221250yes
Gillies, Linda20221250yes
McKenzie, Wanda20221250yes
Nagtegaal, Wendy2022300yes
Steendam, Christine2022500yes
Whyte, Darice20223500yes
Horse Pins
IdentificationOwnerAwarded2022 patch2022 Member
Just RustyAnnette Fleming2022500Yes
The X Factor RF (Bolt)Wendy Carnegie20221250Yes