Ride Results & Awards

Year-End Awards: Present – 2006

2018 Year-End Awards

2017 Year-End Awards

Our Champions and Reserve Champions for 2017 are:
The Manitoba bred horse sponsored by Evelyn and Larry Allen went to “Brimi”, owned and ridden by Carrie Schellenberg.

The mileage awards are as follows (for full mileage breakdown including past years see miles ridden):

2016 Year-End Awards

Here are the 2016 champions:  Congratulations to all of you!

Training:  First was Carrie Wilson on Brimi, Reserve was Shannon Lightfoot on Tysandra
Novice:  Champion was Dianne Borger on Prairie Winds Santana.  Reserve was Linda Gillies on Dakota
Open:  Champion was Brenda Tolpa on Star.  Reserve was Angela Roberts on Grace
Rookie of the year was Tammy Storie.
Mileage pins are as follows:  Darice Whyte  1500,  Angela Roberts 1200, Dianne Borger 300, Linda Gillies 300, Shannon Lightfoot 150, Brenda Tolpa  150
Mileage crests:  Beau Tia Maria  1250/1500,  Dakota 300, Grace 500, Prairie Winds Santana 150,  Cierra 150, Star  150 and Rafiq 150

Everyone’s mileages up to and now including 2016 (Thank you, Kelli !) are updated, go through Members page

Annual General Meeting on Sat. Nov. 5 saw a good attendance, how about making it 100% next year? Thanks to the members who came to the AGM. Thanks to the new board for stepping up and being so enthusiastic.

2015 Year-End Awards

A very successful Bud, Spud and Bird was attended by about 90 people. The food was incredible and it looked like all had a great time. Many, many people helped out and donated to the silent auction. Thanks so much to all. Thank you to Darice for pictures of our winners.
The winners of the 2015 ride season are as follows – Congratulations!

  • Rookie of the year: Sylvia Himmelstoss
  • Junior:
    • First: Ethan Garn on Ginger
  • Training:
    • First: Sylvia Himmelstoss on Lady Lou
  • Novice:
    • Grand Champion: Angela Roberts on Grace
    • Reserve Champion: Camille Sochaski on Springer
  • Open:
    • First: Myna Cryderman on Disco

Thank-you to all who attended our fundraiser and especially to Hailie, Camille, Angela R, Carla, Natalie and Debbie who spent the afternoon of Nov. 7 setting up the silent auction.

2014 Year-End Awards

Congratulations to the following riders and horses.

Juniors Abby Manness and Ethan Garn each received a framed picture to commemorate their fabulous year. Congratulations!

The novice division was won by Ginette Paille. Hope you’ll like your blanket.

The reserve novice division was won by Terry McKee. She received an engraved horse head trophy.

There was no open division due to lack of competitors.

Pins for the riders and crests for the horses were awarded as follows:


Abby Manness

Angela Roberts

Avery Delannoy

Janine Thomson

Linda Gillies

Stan Banasiuk

Wendy Carnegie

Darice Whyte

Jessica Manness

Owned By

150300Abby Manness
Captain Cruse150Ginnette Paille
Greater Glide150300Jessica Manness
Dakota150Linda Gilles
Coda150Stan Banasiuk
Shaughnessy’s Autumn Harvest500750Wendy Carnegie
Beau Tia Maria750Darice Whyte
Dante150Avery Delannoy

Ashley Fudge was awarded a  pin for 150 miles  from 2011

2013 Year-End Awards

40 Mile Provincial Champion: Wendy Carnegie on Autumn
Reserve Champion: Iris Oleksuk on SMAC
25 MileProvincial Champion: Darice Whyte on Tia
Reserve Champion: Ginette Paille on Captian Cruise
JuniorAbby Manness on Justice
Avery Delannoy on Dante
Ginette Paille150 Miles
Wendy Carnegie150, 300 Miles
Darice Whyte300, 500 Miles
SMAC1500 Miles
Tia300, 500 Miles
Autumn150, 300 Miles

2012 Year-End Awards

Provincial ChampionOpen DivisionAngela Lavallee on Abby
Provincial ChampionNovice DivisionAngela Roberts on Kenora
Provincial Reserve ChampionNovice DivisionIris Oleksuk on SMAC

2011 Year-End Awards

Provincial ChampionOpen DivisionDarice Whyte on Beau Tia Maria
Provincial Reserve ChampionOpen DivisionRachel Hill on Sunbeam
Provincial ChampionNovice DivisionCamille Sochaski on Springer
Provincial Reserve ChampionNovice DivisionAbby Manness on Mickey

Mileage Awards:

Prue Critchley10,750
Aime St. Vincent2,000; 2,250
Iris Oleksuk1,000
Linda Cantelon500
Fort William +/ (Prue)4,500; 4,750; 5,000
SMAC (Iris)1,000
In The Limelight (Aime750

2010 Year-End Awards

Provincial ChampionOpen DivisionDarice Whyte on Beau Tia Maria
Provincial Reserve ChampionOpen DivisionPrue Critchley and Fort William
Provincial ChampionNovice DivisionCamille Sochaski and Springer
Provincial Reserve ChampionNovice DivisionJanine Thomson and Triumph

2009 Year-End Awards

Provincial ChampionOpen DivisionIris Oleksuk and SMAC
Provincial Reserve ChampionOpen DivisionPrue Critchley and Fort William
Provincial ChampionNovice DivisionAime St. Vincent and Iris
Provincial Reserve ChampionNovice DivisionJanine Thomson and Triumph

Mileage Awards:

  • Tianna Nelson: 150 Miles for Alameda
  • Iris Oleksuk: 750 Miles with SMAC
  • Prue Critchley: 10 000 Rider’s Pin and 4250 Miles with Fort William
  • Kristine Erb: 2500 Pin and 300 Miles with HV Classic Touch
  • Aime St. Vincent: 1750 Miles

2008 Year-End Awards

The Champions – Congratulations!

Provincial Champion – Open Division – Iris Oleksuk and SMAC
Provincial Reserve Champion – Open Division – Prue Critchley and Fort William
Provincial Champion – Novice Division – Aime St. Vincent and Iris
Provincial Reserve Champion – Novice Division – Janine Thomson and Triumph


Prue Critchley: 10,000 Rider’s Pin and 4250 Miles with Fort William
  • Kristine Erb 2500 Pin and 150 and 300 Miles HV Classic Touch
  • Aime St. Vincent 1750 Miles
  • Iris Oleksuk 750 Miles with SMAC
  • Tianna Nelson 150 Miles for Alameda

The Champions – Congratulations!

Team ChampionOpen DivisionKristine Erb and HV Standing Ovation
Reserve Team ChampionOpen DivisionPrue Critchley and Fort William
Team ChampionNovice DivisionPeter Keyes and Sunni
Reserve Team ChampionNovice DivisionJanine Thomson and Triumph
Champion Junior RiderRhianna Saunders

2007 Year-End Awards

Open Division
Provincial Team ChampionLarry Allen and HV Rising Prodigy
Provincial Reserve Team ChampionEvelyn Allen and Keystone Blu Smoke
Novice Division
Provincial Team ChampionsPeter Keyes and Sunni / Linda Lawson and Indy
Provincial Reserve Team ChampionIris Oleksuk and SMAC
1000 MilesLarry and Evelyn Allen

2006 Year-End Awards

Congratulations champs, and thank you, volunteers!

Open Division

Provincial Champions – Kristi Erb / HV Standing Ovation
Reserve Provincial Champions – Kelli Hayhurst / National Galeree

Novice Division

Provincial Champions – Janine Thomson / Triumph
Provincial Reserve Champions – Evelyn Allen / Keystone Blu Smoke

And our most sincere thanks to the volunteers – the backbone of the club!

Volunteer Awards:

  • Mary Anne Kirk: 75 Hours
  • Debbie Millette: 60 Hours
  • Gilbert Brown: 30 Hours
  • Sharon Brown: 30 Hours
  • Kelli Hayhurst: 20 Hours
  • Barb Fenwick: 20 Hours
  • Linda Cruden: 10 Hours
  • Emil Kucera: 10 Hours
  • Cathy Leahy: 10 Hours
  • Rebecca Myers: 10 Hours
  • Wendy Nagtegaal: 10 Hours
  • Yvonne St Vincent: 10 Hours
  • Tanya Taber: 10 Hours

Thank you one and all!