July 2023

Manitoba Trail Riding Club                                                                                                     Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                         Date:  July 17, 2023

Location: Zoom

Meeting called to order at 7:33 p.m.

Attendance:   Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Linda Gillies

Regrets:  Mary Anne Kirk

Approval of previous Minutes: Moved by Angela, Seconded by Brenda, carried

Additions to agenda:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  GIC – $2,210.96, Chequing – $3,740.22

4 family members, 27 single members for a total of 35

Receipts: $85.90 to Kari re scorecards, Angela will scan and send BBQ receipts or give them to Mary Anne at the BH Ride.

Spruce Woods Ride Review-Angela reported that the ride went well, no one got lost and things ran smoothly despite two other large groups camping at the Equestrian campground. -The BBQ after the ride was an excellent idea and was very well received as it brought all the participants together for a time of relaxation and socializing. 
Birds Hill Ride Update-There are 22 competitive and 2 non competitive riders entered (12 riders doing the 25-mile ride and 10 doing the 15).  -Two water barrels will be placed at the red and pink trails by Nimowin Road and 2 more by the Hazelnut trail. -Kari will ask Darice to let the Park know when and where the barrels will be placed. -Kari will send the free GPX app to registered riders so that they can download the maps on their phones and/or Garmins.  This will be very helpful if riders go off trail.  There will also be ribbons to follow along the trail. -The vet will be at the park at 7:30 to vet in horses.  First riders leave at 8 a.m..          Kari   Kari
Grosse Isle Ride Update-Linda will offer a 40-mile ride if there are interested riders.  She has lined up Neil as the vet, Mary as the scribe, Carol as the timer and will ask Mary Anne if she can do the tabulation.Linda
Prize Committee-Kari and Brenda will be in the prize committee. -The budget this year for prizes will be approximately $550. -Prize ideas included asking Darice about the possibility of a photo shoot, stained glass work by Brenda Sawatzky.  Members are included to suggest ideas for prizes to Kari or Brenda.Kari, Brenda
      5.  Next Meeting Tuesday, August 22, at 7:00 p.m. at Terry’s.  Bring snacks/appetizers 

Motion to adjourn: Moved by Kari, seconded by Terry.

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:15 p.m.