2023 AGM Minutes

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Date:  November 3, 2023

Location: Sport Manitoba

Meeting called to order at 6:30 p.m.

Attendance:     Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Angela Roberts, Mary Anne Kirke, Linda Cruden, Christine Steendam, Suzanne Regier-Fakes, Emma Klos, Ashley Fudge, Etta Eagles, Melanie Youngs,        Jenna Noordenboos, Tricia Mason, Wendy Nagtegaal, Henry Nagtegaal

Additions to agenda – None

Approval of the agenda: Moved by Linda C., seconded by Iris

Approval of 2022 AGM Minutes: Moved by Brenda, seconded by Mary Anne

Treasurer’s Report:

GIC’s – $2,227.54, Chequing – $3,334.02

Membership:  29 single, 4 family for a total of 37

Kari gave receipts to Mary Anne and Mary Anne had cheques for prizes, food and trailer insurance.

Full report in Appendix.

Board Member ReportsBoard member reports were emailed to the membership and are attached. Kari thanked Iris for being the MHC rep and the club will be looking for a new rep for next year. Kari thanked Angela for managing the MTRC website.  Angela has agreed to continue with this role for 2024.   
Nomination and election of officersThere are three open positions for the board: two 2 year positions and one 1 year position. – Mary Anne Kirk nominated by Kari, seconded by Wendy – Ashley nominated by Kari, seconded by Brenda – Emma nominated by Kari, seconded by Angela – Suzanne nominated by Linda, seconded by Kari   Linda C. moved to cease nominations, seconded by Christine Suzanne declined nomination.   – Nomination for president: Kari nominated by Angela, seconded by Christine. Voted in by acclamation   – Nomination for Vice President: Brenda nominated by Tricia, seconded by Kari. Voted in by acclamation.   – Mary Anne will be the treasurer for a two year term.   – Ashley will be member at large for a two year term.   – Emma will be secretary for one year term to complete a two year term. 
2023 Grey Cup Raffle Tickets Iris had 900 tickets printed.  There are 75 left.  If anyone needs more tickets contact iris.  If all tickets are sold the club will make $1,200.00Iris
2024 Ride Fees and Membership Fees2024 Ride and membership fees will remain the same as 2023. 
CogginsThere will not be a requirement for Coggins testing for the 2024 ride season unless there is an outbreak or new information at which time the Coggins requirement can be reinstated. 
Outlook 2024Winter Fair:  MHC will help pay expenses for clubs wanting to demos at the fair to promote their sport. MTRC and DRM may work together to participate in this event. New Quad: There will be a meeting in January to discuss insurance, liabilities, developing a quad policy.  Wendy mentioned that DRM may look into applying for a grant to purchase a quad.  It’s safer to have two quads when marking trail and that way members wouldn’t have to put extra wear and tear on their personal quads. Pony Club Mock Ride:  The club will look at developing a mock ride for the pony club.  This is a good way to promote our sport with young riders and potential new club members. 
2024 RidesBelair:  Kari will be ride manager for the ride on Saturday, May 25.  Dr. Jenna will be the vet.  10, 20 and 30 mile distances will be offered.   Birds Hill Park:  Kari will be ride manager for the ride on Saturday, June 22.   Spruce Woods: MTRC and DRM will host a ride. Kari be the ride manager on Sunday, August 25.  DRM will be Saturday, August 24. Dr. Jenna will vet both rides.   Grosse Isle: Linda G will ride manage and Neil will be asked to vet the ride.  The ride will be held Saturday, September 21.   
2023 AwardsMileage pins and badges were distributed.   2023 Awards were awarded to:   Jr. Training Champion: Etta Eagles and Moose.  Jr. Open Champion: Elsie Garn and Sedona   Training Champion: Victoria Briceno and Cash Training Reserve: Christine Doktor and Tom   Novice Champion: Terry McKee and Rafiq Novice Reserve: Linda Gillies and Pepper   Open Champion: Darice and Malika Open Reserve: Iris and Evee   Iris received a special Forever Young Award – 2006 to 2023   Congratulations to all award recipients and thank you to the Awards committee for the excellent prizes.   A question was asked regarding non members riding a member’s horse.  If a non club member rides a club member’s horse the horse does not get mileage for that ride. 
Next Meeting DateKari will contact board members with a meeting date some time in January. 

Motion to adjourn:  moved by Angela, seconded by Christine

Meeting adjourned: Time: 7:29 p.m.


President’s Report

October 16, 2023

Dear all,

2023 was an excellent year for MTRC.

Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Four successful, money-making rides in four different locations with four different vets
  • A successful Government of Manitoba grant application for almost $20,000 to buy a quad, accessories and trailer
  • A near sell-out of Grey Cup tickets for our Grey Cup fundraiser

A huge step for MTRC in 2023 was eliminating the Coggins requirement at rides. Although we cannot be certain (as we didn’t formally survey our membership), it’s safe to say that not having this requirement allowed our rides to be accessible to more people. As a result, we saw new members join and some old members return.

2024 will see a few new faces on our board, as Terry McKee is resigning her position as secretary, and Linda Gillies’ term as Member-at-Large concludes. We look forward to two new faces on our board! That said, Terry and Linda have been brilliant board members. I thank them for their time and service to MTRC, and I wish them all the best. I know we’ll continue to see them on the trail.

MTRC will need a new MHC representative for 2024. This position is a one-year term and excludes any board responsibilities.

Angela Roberts has agreed to continue to update our website for 2024. A huge thank you to her for agreeing to continue in that role. 

We also anticipate a new quad in 2024! We sure hope this quad will spark interest in trail marking/demarking and trail finding. The board will be meeting over the winter to write the policies and procedures around its use. We hope to have it ready for the first ride of the year.

I could not do my job as president without the absolute support and goodwill of my board throughout the year: Terry, Brenda Tolpa, Mary Anne Kirk, and Linda. They offer excellent experience and perspective, and I’m grateful for their contributions, patience, and comradely. I also extend my thank you to Iris Oleksuk and Angela Roberts who attend all our meetings and help to keep our club going strong.

Happy trails, everyone! We look forward to seeing you in 2024.


Vice President’s Report

I have enjoyed another year with MTRC participating on the board.   We had 4 successful rides this year with great participation.   The response to ride registrations required us to cap rides, which is something we have never had to do. The Belair ride was perfect temperatures and a great start to the ride season.  Spruce Woods was another full registration with hot temperatures and beautiful scenery.  Our Birdshill ride was successful with the help of many people stepping up last minute to pull it together.   We finished the ride season with Gross Isle and fall temperatures. I have continued managing the online registrations for our rides and reports for the Ride Managers for each event.  Our club has seen new members this year, including juniors.   It’s exciting to see members coming out and enjoying the rides at various locations.   We are fortunate to have  great volunteers, but we are always looking at ways to grow the members and volunteers.   Looking forward to what 2024 brings for our club.

We had a really great riding season this year with all rides well attended. Even the weather was pretty good. There was a lot of enthusiasm generated at the board meetings and I enjoyed being the “member at large”.

Secretary’s Report

2023 was another successful year for MTRC with a number of new riders competing in rides.  As club secretary I attended all meetings and took the minutes.  I enjoyed riding in the first three rides, unfortunately having to miss Linda’s excellent Grosse Isle ride as I was out of town.  I have enjoyed serving on the MTRC Board the last few years and look forward to volunteering and helping out wherever I can in the future.  I would encourage club members to consider serving on the MTRC Board if the opportunity presents itself.  I have found our board members to be a hard working, collaborative and creative group of individuals who share a passion for horses and riding and who also know how to have a good time while doing so! 

Member at Large

We had a really great riding season this year with all rides well attended. Even the weather was pretty good. There was a lot of enthusiasm generated at the board meetings and I enjoyed being the “member at large”.

Treasurer’s Report