NO club like ours can exist for long without  voluntary involvement of its members. In our sport, the volunteers are  more important then in many others, because we also depend on them to  assist with several essential functions at the rides. 

If you have the time, or are able to rope in friends, relatives, and other (significant or otherwise), Below is a list of all the jobs that need doing, with descriptions of  what each entails. (don’t be intimidated – if you are not sure of your  way, we will train you on the spot)

Vet Recorders
It will be the duty of the vet recorders to enter on to the score sheet  the findings of the Vets and P/R Technicians. The vet recorder is also  required to ensure that all appropriate fields on the score sheet are  properly filled out.

Official Timer
Each sanctioned ride will provide timers who will record the time of each  horse during competition. The timer also ensures that riders are advised of their hold times (Open Division) and that all riders are advised  when to return for their final vet check. The records kept by the timers are to be presented to the entry clerk/recorder at the conclusion of  the ride.

Pulse and Respiration Recording Crews
It will be the duty of the P & R technicians to take and record the  horse’s pulse and respiration at P & R checkpoints and submit these  records to the vet recorder.

Entry Clerk/Recorder
It is the duty of the entry clerk to register riders and collect ride  fees. At this time a waiver will be signed by the rider or guardian if  the rider is under 16 years of age. Assist with calculating riders score sheets.

Ride Managers
Ride managers will mark the trails for a competitive ride. This involves  measuring the distance as close as possible to the required distance for the ride they are putting on. The ride manager also holds a ride briefing € prior to the start of the ride, to advise riders on the course, trail markings, available water, etc. Arranges to remove all trail markings and check tthat the ride site is clean at the end of the ride.

Will remove all flags or anything that was used to mark the trail during a  ride at completion of a competitive ride. Return marking materials it  the ride manager.