February 2024

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: February 22nd, 2024

Location: Zoom

Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Attendance:  Kari Hasselriis, Emma Klos, Ashley Fudge, Angela Roberts, Brenda Tolpa, Iris Oleksuk, Terry McKee

Regrets: Mary Anne Kirk

Approval of Previous Minutes: Moved by Angela, seconded by Brenda, carried

Additions to agenda: None

Treasurer’s Report:

GIC- $2,227.54, Checking- $3,101.14, Membership- 1 family, 4 singles for total of 6

Bills- Monies owing and paid to Carrie Schellenburg:

  • $206.53 2023 Zoho 2024
  • $181.14 2024 Zoho 2023
  • $173.24 Web Hosting 2024
  • $22.04 Domain Name 2024

Bills- Monies owing and paid to Mary Anne:

  • $225.00 MHC Club Membership
  • $409.50 Club Insurance

Cheques have been sent to Iris for signature and forwarding. Paperwork done and sent in regarding the quad.

1.The Agenda  None 
2.Treasurer’s ReportSee above 
3.Quad grant-Paperwork completed by Mary Anne and sent on its way -Idea for a pre/post purchase check was brought up – There is some concern about paperwork/a contract and what that entails -Wanting a 2-seater (no side by side) -Talked about buying new over used -Money needs to be used end of 2024 start of 2025 ($17,00) 
4.Brandon Winter Fair Demo-The fair has offered to pay boarding costs for 1 horse -Last week of march in Brandon -Nobody from MTRC is really interested, DRM will do the demo Reach out to Kari/Christine if interestedBrenda will contact Carrie S. about their demonstration and see if there would be any interest for someone to promote CTR when the enduro presentation is done.
5. MHC Team Event-Talked about how to gain more interest and traction in this event. -Ashley, Emma, and Iris have already signed up. -Mtrc will post online to bring awareness.Kari will post on Facebook, encouraging people to register for the event.
6. MHC Rep-MHC +AGM will have a meeting Thursday April 25th meeting lasts from 6 to 8 pm. -Ashley Fudge has agreed to be our rep.Kari will contact Dianne at MHC to let her know Ashley is our rep.
7. Next MeetingApril 11th, at the Peppercorn Restaurant in Oak Bank. Meet at 6 for any ordering and the meeting begins at 6:30. -Dinner will be before meeting (optional)Emma will call the restaurant to reserve the large table.

Motion to adjourn: Moved by Angela, seconded by Terry. Meeting adjourned: Time 7:25 p.m.