January 2024

MTRC Meeting

January 11, 2024       

6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Conducted on Zoom

Present:                      Brenda Tolpa, Ashley Fudge, Terry McKee, Iris Oleksuk, Kari Hasselriis

Regrets:                       Emma Klos, Mary Anne Kirk, Angela Roberts

Call to order:              6:30 pm                      

Chair:                         Kari

1. Approval of October 2023 Minutes

  • Terry and Brenda approved the Oct 2023 minutes

2. Additions to the Agenda

  • None

3. Treasurer’s Report and Membership Update

  • GIC: $2,227.54
  • Chequing: $3,412.06
  • Membership: 1 Family, 3 Single for a total of 5

4. 2023 Grey Cup Fundraising Report

  • Iris reported the Grey Cup raffle she organized for the fall 2023 fundraiser was a sellout, earning $1800.00. The expenses were $400 for prize payouts and $156 for printing. She mentioned Terry’s daughter, who won $50, donated it back! Therefore, our prize payout was $350 for a total earned by the club of $1294.00. Thank you to Iris for taking on this excellent fundraiser!

5. Discussion on the quad grant

  • The board decided only members of MTRC can request the quad, but they can have a non-MTRC member as their passenger/operator.
  • The board also decided there isn’t a need to spend the full grant amount; therefore, we will look for a less expensive quad, one that is likely used.
  • MTRC reserves the right to say no to any quad request.
  • Brenda and Iris stated they can ask their husbands to shop around for a quad, and Ashley indicated Emma’s father might also be interested in the role.
  • Several people offered quad storage on their properties, so we don’t anticipate a concern with where to keep it.
  • Other discussion questions the club needs to answer in the coming months:

Who is responsible for any damage?

How long can it be gone for?

What is the process in requesting and returning the quad?

What paperwork will the user need?

Will anyone wanting to use the quad need to attend a free safety training workshop?

Decision: The club need to think more fully through the details of this opportunity, and recognizes this year will be a year of learning. We will be drafting policy and procedures and amending them as needed.


  • Kari will post on our Facebook page for any feedback about the quad and its use to the wider membership for consideration.
  • Kari will contact Safety Services Manitoba about training in the spring and where we can hold it.
  • Brenda and Iris will ask their husbands about quad shopping on our behalf.
  • Ashley will ask Emma to enquire if her father is interested in quad shopping, too.
  • Mary Anne will complete the paperwork so the monies can be deposited in to the MTRC account.

ADJOURNMENT:         7:30 pm

NEXT MEETING:          Thursday, February 22 at 6:30 pm, Location: Zoom