2019 Ride Schedule:

June 1 – Sandilands

June 15-16 Birds Hill Park

July 6 Belair Blast!

September 22 MEC Birds Hill Park

September 28-29 Spruce Woods Weekend Windup

Download the 2019 pamphlet here .

For endurance rides put on by DRM, our sister club, please do check their site

Get a jump on the competition – click here, fill out the entry form at home, and bring along to the ride – do not send the form by e-mail!
  To pre-register send your cheque to MaryAnn Kirk (838 Alfred Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2X 0T6).  She must receive it a week before the ride.  It is now possible to use e-transfers  with your pre-registration for a ride. The money needs to be sent to Mary Anne, her e-mail is yaknow3@hotmail.com .  Follow the instructions on your  bank’s website. Depending on your institution, there may be a charge for the transfer, but on the other hand, you will save on postage (and possibly on cheque charge).In order for the 40 mile to be held there must  be at least 2 preregistered riders.  Also in order for the ride to go ahead we must have a minimum of 6 preregistrations.   

 If  you are new to the sport and unsure of yourself, do come out to ride with us anyway! We will match you up with a mentor, someone with experience in competitive rides.

 Pre-registrations: In order for a ride to be held there must be a minimum of 6 pre-registered, prepaid riders.  In order for the 40 to be held we must have 2 prepaid, preregistered riders.
Prepaid pre-registrations must be received 7 days before ride day and may be sent by e- transfer or by mail to Mary Anne Kirk  838 Alfred Ave.  Wpg  R2X 0T6. E-transfer is to yaknow3@hotmail.com .  If you can’t make the ride you must let us know at least 1 week before the ride and we will refund your money.  If the ride is cancelled you get your money back.

NOTE:  The 15 mile training ride is now a competitive ride with ribbons and year end awards.