2 June 2022

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date:  June 2, 2022

Location: Iris’s Home

Meeting called to order at 6:41 p.m.

Attendance:     Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Angela Roberts, Mary Anne Kirk

Approval of previous Minutes: Moved by, Angela, seconded by Brenda

Additions to agenda – Family Memberships, Trot out by Junior Riders

Treasurer’s Report:     GIC’s – $2,208.75, Chequing – $3,357.75

Membership:  20 single, 6 family for a total of 32

Kari submitted receipts for the Belair ride     

Belair ReviewRiders reported that Belair was a well-run ride, with well-marked trails and excellent prizes. Serpentine vet trot out – After discussion, it was decided that the trot out will be the same at all vet checks ( pre, during and post).  Horses will trot a straight line away from the vet.  The serpentine pattern coming back will consist of three cones between the starting cone and the cone at the end of the straight line trot out.  The three cones will be set wide enough away from the centre line to allow for smooth turns for horses of all sizes. Number of riders per vet – Kari will consult with Carol to determine what the most efficient organization and spacing of riders are to help a vet work with a larger number of riders.                    Kari or Ride Manager
Grosse Isle Loop DistancesThe Gross Isle Ride will have 10, 20 and 30-mile distances.  Linda will determine the pace for each distance once we get closer to the ride date so that footing and weather conditions can be taken into consideration.Linda
Sandilands RideKari will post that the Sandilands ride needs a new trail marker and ride manager.  If no one volunteers the Sandilands ride will be cancelled.  If someone would like to volunteer to run a ride at a different location MTRC would be prepared to support that as an alternative ride.Kari
Biffy for BHPKari will contact Carrie to book a biffy from King’s for the BHP (Aug. 27) ride.Kari  
Upcoming PurchasesKari will order more ribbons as needed.  Kari will order a new timer’s clock for approximately $70.  This expense will be shared with DRM.Kari
Awards CommitteeMembers of the Awards Committee this year will be Kari and Brenda.Kari Brenda
Vintage Logo IdeaIt was decided not to go with windbreakers or t-shirts with the MTRC vintage logo.  Instead, we will sell Grey Cup tickets.  Iris will organize this as she did such a terrific job last year.Iris
Trailer HitchMTRC will share the cost of an adjustable trailer hitch for the equipment trailer with DRM. 
Family MembershipsA family membership includes two adults and any children living in the same residence. 
Trot Out by Junior RidersA Junior Rider should trot out their horse for vet checks unless there is a medical or safety concern.  At the Ride Manager’s discretion, a Junior Rider may be allowed to have an alternate trot the horse at a vet check if the rider requests permission for an alternate from the Ride Manager.  Ride Managers
New President needed for next yearKari will not be running as President for MTRC in November.  MTRC members are asked to consider running for this position at the next AGM 
Next MeetingThe next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 28 at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom 

Motion to adjourn:  moved by Brenda, seconded by Kari

Meeting adjourned: Time: 7:54 p.m.