January 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
January 13, 2018
Location: Iris Oleksuk’s Residence, Rockwood, MB

Attendance:  Susan Heald, Mary Anne Kirk, Iris Oleksuk, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin,  Linda Cruden, Angela Roberts, Kelli Hayhurst and Janine Thomson

Meeting called to order:  11:15 am

Review of Meeting Minutes from AGM:  Motion to accept the minutes as written by Mary Anne Kirk and Natalie Nordin, carried.

Treasurer’s Report: $2167.27 GIC  $2437.96 Chequing

   Membership – 4 Single 4 Family for a total of 12


Myna Cryderman $100.00 donation for Souris Bend trail clearing

Iris Oleksuk $300.00 to purchase lottery tickets for silent auction

Motion to accept by Angela Roberts & Natalie Nordin, carried.

Old Business

Clinic – The clinic schedule for the June 16 ride has been cancelled and will be changed to a mentorship ride.  A list of mentors will be put together to help new riders and take them on the ride.  Kelli Hayhurst will post on the website and Face book.  Janine Thomson and Linda Cruden have offered to mentor.

2018 Ride Schedule – Kelli Hayhurst has contacted Trish Forde and Carrie Schellenberg Wilson to confirm the Mars Hills Ride date and it is August 18, 2018.

Membership List – Mary Anne Kirk has sent the membership list to Kelli Hayhurst and Kelli will set up a distribution list.

Veterinarians – All ride dates have been confirmed excluding MEC so Kelli Hayhurst will now arrange for the veterinarians for the rides.

Manitoba Horse Council Meeting – Iris Oleksuk has confirmed that there no longer be any bingos but that an expenditure sheet and application form must be completed by January 31, 2018 to be eligible for the $600.00.  Mary Anne Kirk has agreed to complete the forms and submit by the deadline.  The club insurance is now represented by “Capri” and will still require the same insurance coverage as previous although unsure if there will be new fees.   Club members and non-members will still be required to have a MHC valid 2018 membership.  Brochure from the MHC meeting will be scanned by Kelli Hayhurst and placed on the individual flash drives. 

Pamphlet – Kelli Hayhurst will now make up new pamphlet now that the Mars Hills ride has been confirmed.

Trailering – Kelli Hayhurst will set up a list of people looking for possible trailering to the rides

Day Manager – Mary Anne Kirk and Susan Heald have agreed to day manage the Bel Air, Mars Hills and Sandilands rides.

Ride Dates – Kelli Hayhurst will post the ride schedule on Face book and Manitoba Horse Council with dates and location.  Also noted that there will not be a 2018 ride in Spruce Woods Provincial Park.

New Business

Bud Spud & Bird – Everything is good to go.  $300.00 for the purchase of lottery tickets for the silent auction will be purchased by Iris Oleksuk.  Kelli Hayhurst and Susan Heald have agreed to work the door and ask for help when they need it.  Volunteers for set up will arrive at the Curling Club by 4:30 for set up and to be ready to accept people by 5:30.  Camille Sochaski has the supplies and Iris Oleksuk has agreed to pick up from her.  Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin and Iris Oleksuk will put the baskets together on Friday January 19 at Iris’s home and anyone else wanting to help is invited.  Iris will pay the curling club at the end of the evening on January 20 and will be reimbursed after.  Angela Roberts has agreed to post on Face book about the fundraiser and the auction prizes. 

EIA Presentation – The EIA presentation has been confirmed for February 24, 2018 at 9am with Dr Glenn Sinclair DVM speaking and answering questions as well.  The presentation will be held at Janine Thomson’s home.  Immediately following the presentation will be a MTRC meeting of which all are welcome to attend.

Awards – Iris Oleksuk will determine the ribbons/awards required for the 2018 season and has agreed to pick up any that may be required.

Score Card – Glenn Sinclair wants “Back and Withers” to be added to the score cards.  Kelli Hayhurst will send email to Jen Simons to update.

Paint Night – Janine Thomson will check into the possibility of having a fundraiser paint night where you can actually paint your own pet.  Location, date and cost to be determined if feasible.  That will be it for any fundraising for 2018.

Volunteer Night – It has been agreed that volunteer night will be April 14 at Kelli Hayhurst’s home and Kelli will pick up pizza, beer and wine.  This includes spouses. 

Bills – Kelli Hayhurst has noted that “bills” will now be listed under the treasurer’s report.  Motion by Angela Enns & Natalie Nordin.  Carried.

Souris Bend – Myna Cryderman has asked MTRC if they would like to host a ride in conjunction with her ride on June 30 & July 1.  It was agreed that MTRC would decline at this time but will offer a donation of $100 to Myna Cryderman for trail maintenance and clearing.  Linda Cruden has agreed to mail the donation cheque to Myna Cryderman.

Next meeting;  Saturday, February 24, 2018 at Janine Thomson’s home right after the EIA presentation.

Meeting adjourned:  1:07 pm