February 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
February 24, 2018
Location: Janine Thomson’s Home

Attendance:   Linda Gillies, Natalie Nordin, Angela Roberts, Susan Heald, Emil Kucera, Iris Oleksuk, Roxanne Aeichele, Tricia Mason, Troi Suquet, Nichole Melmquist, Shannon Lightfoot, Kelli Hayhurst, Janine Thomson and Diane Tolgyessy

Meeting called to order: 10:30am

Review of Minutes of Meeting January 13, 2018:  Motion to accept minutes as written by Janine Thomson and Linda Gillies, carried.

Treasurer’s report:  

GIC $2167.27

Chequing  $4009.96

Membership:  12 Single, 4 Family Total:  20


$169.04 Emil Kucera for website

 $61.02 Angela Roberts for tickets for Bud Spud & Bird

 $24.75 Miscellaneous for Bud Spud & Bird

 $378.00 Club insurance

 $225.00 Horse Council

 Motion to accept the bills by Linda Gillies & Natalie Nordin, carried.

Old Business: 

Clinic – Dr Glenn Sinclair will be vetting the competition and will be briefed to explain his procedures to newbies if possible.  Linda Cruden and Janine Thomson have agreed to be mentors for the newbies.  Linda Cruden will possibly be presenter of the clinic.  Mary Anne Kirk has agreed to day manage ride.  Kelli Hayhurst will deal with clinic handout.

2018 Ride Schedule –

Provincial Forests now require permits for the rides.  Iris Oleksuk and Elizabeth Bima will obtain provincial permits.  Janine Thomson to obtain for Sandilands ride and Shannon Yaskiw will obtain permit for Birds Hill Park.

May 5, 2018 –  Trail marking Iris Oleksuk and Shannon Yaskiw.  Mary Anne Kirk will day manage. Timer and scribe still needed, possible Carole Gibson and Iris Oleksuk may have a friend to help as well.

June 16, 2018 – Shannon Yaskiw trail marking.  Mary Anne Kirk will day manage.  Scribe and timer still required.

August 18, 2018 – Trail Marking Carrie Schellenberg-Wilson and Trish Leiman Forde.  Mary Anne Kirk and Susan Heald day managers.  Scribe and Timer still required.

September 8, 2018 – Trail Marking Janine Thomson.  Day manager Susan Heald.  Timer Chris Fredrickson.  Scribe still require.

September 23, 2018 – Trail marking to be determined at Distance Riders of Manitoba meeting March 10, 2018.  Mary Anne Kirk and Susan Heald day managers, Timer and scribe still required.

Membership List – The distribution list was created and in use by Kelli Hayhurst.  Linda Gillies will check her email provider to determine why her email is not working.

Veterinarians – Dr Glenn Sinclair has agreed to vet all rides with the exception of Manitoba Horse Council Championship which will be arranged by them.   Kelli Hayhurst will contact MHC to determine if they will be arranging for the vet.

Manitoba Horse Council Meeting – Most flash drives have been located and will be updated by Kelli Hayhurst.

Pamphlet – The pamphlet has been completed and is now on the website and sent to members via email.

Trailering – Kelli Hayhurst will set up a list of people looking for possible trailering to rides.  Janine Thomson will send something to Emil Kucera to post on the website.  Roxanne Aeichele has offered to help with trailering if she is able to attend any of the rides. 

Day Mangers – Mary Anne Kirk and Susan Heald have agreed to day manage Bel Air, Mars Hills, Birds Hill Park and Sandilands rides.

Ride Dates – Kelli Hayhurst will post the ride schedule on Face book and Manitoba Horse Council with dates and locations.

Bud Spud & Bird – There was over 80 people in attendance, less than what was spoken for at the door which was 114.  Possibility of not allowing paying at the door as so many did not show up that had requested tickets be held at the door and paid at the door.   The profits for the evening were $1586.23 and the expenses were $300.00 for lottery ticket auction prize, $200.00 for rental of facility.  Tickets were sold for $20.00 each and out of that $10.50 was paid to vendor.  Iris Oleksuk will send list to Janine Thomson of people to send thank you cards to.  Iris Oleksuk has also suggested a $25 ticket price for 2018.   More discussion regarding auction prize donations and will also designate a co-ordinator for auction prizes.

Awards and Ribbons – Iris Oleksuk will finish determining what ribbons are required and will complete this coming week.

Score Cards – “Back and Withers” to be added to the new score cards.  Iris Oleksuk will send new score cards to Angela Roberts and she will have 200 printed.

Paint Night – Wood sign making fundraiser tabled to next meeting but is good to go. 

Volunteer Night – Volunteer night will be April 14, 2018 at Kelli Hayhurst’s home.  Kelli Hayhurst will pick up pizza, beer and wine.  This will include spouses.  List of invitees will be checked by board members from the MTRC 2017 list to make sure to include all volunteers.

Souris Bend – Linda Cruden was on vacation so could not confirm that cheque was sent to Myna Cryderman.  All rides for Myna Cryderman have been sanctioned with Distances Riders of Manitoba and they are sanctioning with AERC only for 2018.

New Business:

EIA Presentation – The EIA presentation was well attended with 23 people.  Dr Glenn Sinclair was gracious enough to offer free of charge.  Good information provided. 

EIA REQUIREMENT – The MTRC board has agreed that a recent negative coggins will be required for the 2018 ride season.  Motion to accept by Janine Thomson, Iris Oleksuk, carried.

Next Meeting: Thursday April 5, 2018 at Kelli Hayhurst’s home at 6:00 pm.  Potluck.

Meeting adjourned:  12:00