April 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
April 11, 2017
Location: Gaffer’s Restaurant. Lockport, Manitoba

Attendance: Kelli Hayhurst, Carrie S Wilson, Iris Oleksuk, Carla Melquist, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Angie Lysaichuk, Natalie Nordin, Hailie Emms, Brenda Tolpa, Darice Whyte, Tammie Storie and Janine Thomson.

Approval of Agenda:   Motion to accept agenda as written.  Accepted Kelli Hayhurst & Janine Thomson

Minutes of February 21, 2017 Meeting:   Motion to waive the reading of the minutes. Kelli Hayhurst & Janine Thomson

Treasurers Report:   Chequing $4383.17  GIC $2156.49

 Membership:  13 Single, 1 Family for 15 in Total

Business arising from the minutes:

Score card, bylaws and rules – Hoof boots are allowed but have to be removed at vet check upon request.  Leg wraps not allowed unless rider requests them and then it is 5 demerits per leg.

Clinic – Saturday April 8, 2017 meeting.  All is ready to go.  Hailie Emms and Angela Roberts scouting trails in Birds Hill Park on Monday April 17, 2017.  Will do a five mile loop.  Parking for clinic will be in front of berm across from polo field.  The am portion of the clinic will be in the Birds Hill Park arena, the break for 1 ½ hours for lunch and allow participants to go and pick up their horses.  Those that will be hauling their horses in for the am will be allowed to keep in the arena during the morning portion.  Topics for the clinic will be; conditioning, origin, difference in riding light & heavy horses, how to cool down, electrolytes, rider/horse comfort, tack, trail etiquette, score cards and the pre ride meeting.

Today there is 7 registered for the clinic.

Manitoba Horse Council Grant – John Sivard of the Manitoba Horse Council has advised Tammy Storie that the criteria for the clinic funding is that the clinician must be a level 2 or higher or if not then a resume of the clinician must be submitted.  Kelli Hayhurst has suggested that Tammy Storie file an appeal as Manitoba Trail Riding Club does not have level coaches.  Tammy Storie will look into it.

Pembina Valley Ride – The ride is a go although it may be on the roads and some land with homeowners permission to use the trails.  There will be a $5.00 per rig camping fee for the ride, staging going to the homeowners for use of their facilities.  The ride will consist of 10/20/30 divisions.

New Business

Club Clothing – Tammy Storie has obtained the following prices:

Fridays –  

Full Back 10” across $30 name $3.00

Micro fleece $49.50 on orders of 25 or more

                         $53.00 on orders of 13 to 25

 Soft Shell $55.00 25 or more orders

   $60.00 13 to 25 orders

 Pullover mix and match $46.00 25 or more orders

   $49.00 13 to 25 orders

Zip up Hoodie  $44.00 25 or more orders

 `          $48.00 13 to 25 orders

Hats min order 12 $15

Glovers – 6 x 6 Logo $60.00 plus $13.00 per item

 8 x 8 logo = $70.00 plus $16.00 per item

 Hat 2.5 x 2.5 logo $23.50 plus $6.00 per hat

 Hats $13.00 on orders of 6 or more $19.00

 Micro Fleece $32.00 =  $45.50 / $48.00

 Soft Shell $43.00 = $56.50 / $59.00

 Hoodie $35.00 = $48.50 / $51.00

Agreed to go with Glovers.  Tammy will put up post on website and Facebook with the form to order.  The 8” x 8” logo will be on the back.

Option’s for Adding Driving to our Rides – It was a noted that the driving club has asked previously however all agreed that it is not practical for our club as some of the trails would be too narrow.

Manitoba Horse Council Calendar – Tammy Storie has agree to contact MHC to ensure that the MTRC ride schedule is on their calendar of events.

Stan Banasiak –Iris Oleksuk has agreed to look after an assortments of nuts to give to Stan Banasiak from the Club while in the hospital.


$44.82 Paid to Tammy Storie for new bins

$26.25 Paid to Brenda Tolpa for the Clinic permit

$32.77 Paid to Natalie Nordin for clinic supplies

$394.20 For Directors Insurance

Next Meeting

Wednesday May 24th at 6:30 at Chicken Chef in Stonewall, MB.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm