April 2021

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Location: Zoom

Meeting called to order at 6.33 p.m.

Attendance:     Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Terry McKee, Mary Anne Kirk, Brenda Tolpa, Carla Melquist, Tauni Jensen, Kari Hasselriis,

Additions to agenda:  Include a discussion regarding the questions in an email from the Belair Forester, Chris Matthewson under The Belair Update                                                                                                                                   

March 17, 2021 Minutes adopted as posted. Moved by Angela, seconded by Brenda, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:                                                                                                                             GIC’s – $2199.95, Chequing – $2647.18

 Membership:  18 single, 3 family for a total of 24

Outstanding Bills: $100 for Pine Ridge Second Prize for raffle to Terry, Ribbons $1,113.85 to Kari, and $83.50 to DRM to cover our half of equipment trailer expenses.

MHC AGM SummaryTauni gave a report on the April 15, 2021 MHC AGM. Minutes for that meeting will be posted on their website soon. Return to competition monies have been received by MHC and they are trying to determine distribution asap. Similarly money has been received by MHC to support school horses and working horses, and decisions need to be made as to how to distribute those monies as well. MHC is working on a Covid Prefect program; prefects will assist onsite with rules/protocols for Covid safety and compliance and be paid $15/hr. MHC will have a list of recommended prefects to choose from. MHC website is being updated, and new staff hired in marketing. Facebook ads cost $120 and yielded $8000 in new memberships, mostly recreational memberships, a category that has been steadily growing. It was suggested that member clubs think of paid FB advertising given the low costs and potentially high results. The Chair of Recreation on the board is Tamara Hupalo, and she is also dealing with a lot of alarms being raised over trail use issues, so a go-to person to notify of trail use concerns, as she can be a powerful advocate, representing the equestrian community on our sport governing board. Facility news: New bio-security rules are coming into effect for 2021 due to the rise of EHM and EHVI – all horses coming on site must be vaccinated, no feed will be allowed in alleyways (to discourage deer and bears), and no dogs allowed in the buildings. This summer MHC is piloting an evening rate for ring 3 for groups to use at a rate of $10 per horse, with a minimum of $100 for the group, to be booked ahead through MHC. They are considering rate discount options for groups that are hosting educational events/clinics.  It is confirmed that the multidiscipline MHC event will NOT be held in August this year, and yet to be determined whether it will be the original weekend of Sept 18/19 or the subsequent weekend 25/26. Member clubs are asked to submit their membership lists to MHC by the end of April at the latest. Mary Ann will send it April 30 and then we’ll update as needed.  Tauni
FundraiserThe MTRC Raffle raised a total $1685.  Expenses ($395 plus membership) were $435.60 which has to come out of total funds raised.  The first prize winner has minis and is using her prize for horses’ teeth. Brenda’s friend won second prize and will be going to PRH for a date night.  Third place prize was won by an Eventer who is interested in trying a ride next year with her husband. Thank you cards and a free ride certificate were sent to Angela, Iris, Janine and Linda for their help selling tickets.  LGCA sent an email with an updated application process.  Kari will do that in case we want another raffle in the future.  All in all, the Raffle was a great success!!                    Kari
New MHC RepTauni has resigned as our MHC rep due to an increased role on the Driving Club as their MHC rep.  Thank you Tauni for the work you did for MTRC in this role.  Iris volunteered to finish out the year as out MHC rep and will attend one meeting and pass along emails to Kari.       Iris
Belair UpdateChris Matthewson, the Belair forester sent a question: He wants the GPS track file or dot GPX file used to make our map for Belair.  Iris and Rod used a GPS last year to make a map.  Kari will call Chris to get clarification for exactly what he wants/needs.  If Kari needs additional help from Iris and Rod she will contact Iris.  A detailed map of our ride is needed to avoid conflict with other people using the area.  The permit may be withheld depending on Covid restrictions.            Kari will send an email to the Belair volunteer team letting them know that we’re still hoping to have the ride and that she will be in touch to follow up. Iris and Rod will mark the trail.            It’s assumed that Belair will be the same as last year’s ride with Covid restrictions in places e.g. no pot luck, ribbons, social distancing, etc. Brenda will post entry forms for Belair around May 10 or 11.Kari                 Kari     Iris and Rod       Brenda
Manitoba Mountain Bike AssociationDarice does not have a meeting scheduled with BHP staff at this time.  Terry will ask her to include a discussion with park staff regarding the park’s plan for mountain bikes (e.g. What is the goal of counting bikes?) at her next meeting with them.  There was discussion regarding how MTRC can establish a positive relationship with the Manitoba Mountain Bike Association.  They have a website which includes the Board of Directors’ names and a contact number for their club.           How can we be proactive in terms of sharing the trails safely and equitably with other users? Suggestions included:  -At some point it would be good to introduce ourselves and perhaps meet in the park to introduce our horses             and help educate cyclists regarding safe cycling            around horses.  -The Mountain Bike Facebook page is public so we could post upcoming competitions there to give cyclists a heads up that there will be horses and riders competing on the trails.  Kari is in a group with Tamara Hupalo (MHC Chair of Recreation) and a number of other riders working on the provincial trail strategy.  This group discusses Equestrian concerns re trail use. How do we bring everyone into the fold with a provincial trail strategy for trail use e.g. who when how, education?  At some point we may need a group that does more to begin a conversation regarding safety and stewardship of trails.  Terry

Next Meeting: Monday, May 17 at 6:30 on Zoom

Meeting adjourned: Time 7:40 p.m.