September 2021

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date:  September 12, 2021

Location: Brenda’s Home

Meeting called to order at 12:00

Attendance:     Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Mary Anne Kirk, Iris Oleksuk,                                    Linda Gillies                           

Approval of previous Minutes: Moved by Linda, seconded by Iris

Additions to agenda:  None

Treasurer’s Report:                                                                                                                             GIC’s – $2,208.75, Chequing – $1,550.83

            Membership:  21 single, 4 family for a total of 29

            Equipment Trailer Insurance paid – $41.50

Spruce Woods FeedbackThe ride went very well.  Wasps were an issue but trails were adjusted and wasps in camp were effectively dealt with.  It was suggested that riders should include a medication like Benadryl in their Emergency Medicine kit just in case they get stung. Due to the amount of time and work involved in hosting a ride at Spruce Woods, there was discussion regarding having the registration for the ride cut off on the Sunday before the ride and that the registration fee would be non refundable at that point.  This way the ride could be cancelled if there were not enough committed riders to make it viable.  There was also discussion re returning to the pre-Covid policy of non-refundable ride fees after ride registrations close. There was discussion regarding reinstating “walk in” registrations if/when Covid is no longer a concern.  Riders could register the day of the ride but would pay a “late” fee. All Covid forms have been removed from the registration forms. The need for Coggins tests for the 2022 ride season should be discussed at the AGM.  Vets should be consulted re the need for Coggins testing.  
Ride ExpensesThe Spruce Woods Ride cost $552.50 to host and generated $320.00 in ride fees.  Expenses for Grosse Isle were $500 and income from ride fees was $450.00. Covid has significantly impacted the number of riders participating in rides and reduced income from ride fees. 
AGM Date and LocationThe MTRC and DRM meeting will be held at the Smitty`s in Selkirk on Saturday, November 6. MTRC will begin with breakfast at 9 and meeting to follow at 10.  DRM will follow the MTRC meeting. Kari will book Smitty`s banquet room for the meeting.        Kari
MEC UpdateThe cut off to run a ride is 6 riders.  So far only 5 riders are registered for MEC.  If there are not enough riders by the registration cut off on Tuesday, the ride will be cancelled. Running MTRC and DRM rides back to back on the same weekend seems to reduce the number of riders for the MTRC ride.  MTRC may want to run their rides on separate weekends.  These rides could act as conditioning rides for DRM. 
Manitoba Mountain Bike AssociationKari responded to an email from Nick who had wanted to follow up on some of the plans re a safety video discussed at the initial meeting in the park. He has not gotten back to her so Kari will try emailing him again this week.Kari
Awards CommitteeLinda and Terry will work on the Awards Committee this year.Terry, Linda  
Next MeetingZoom at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 21 

Motion to adjourn:  Moved by Kari, seconded by Terry

Meeting adjourned: Time 1:04 p.m.