January 2021

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 14, 2021

Location: Zoom

Meeting called to order at 6:15 p.m.

Attendance:  Kari Hesselriis, Brenda Tolpa, Carla Melquist, Terry McKee, Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Susan Heald, Judy Olson, Janine Thomson, Carrie Wilson, Tauni and Rusty Jensen, Donna Glasman,                                                 Regrets: Mary Anne Kirk

Additions to agenda:  Iris requested that we discuss the distribution of Ride Pins and Crests

Meeting minutes from October will be posted and voted on for approval at our next meeting

Treasurer’s Report: GIC – $2199.95; CK – $4,362.47

            Membership: 6 single, 1 family for a total of 8


            $665.24          Terry – year End Awards

            $448.00          Iris – crests

            $225.00          Mary Anne – MHC membership

            $404.50          Mary Anne – Club insurance

            $29.10            Janine – locks for equipment trailer

            $34.70            Janine – lock and light hook up for equipment trailer      Motion to pay bills: moved by Angela, seconded by Carla, carried.

Recognition of Service AwardSusan Heald was awarded with a 2021 MTRC membership in appreciation for successfully writing a MHC grant application on behalf of MTRC and DRM to build additional corral space at Spruce Woods. Congratulations Susan and thank you for your dedication and hard work! 
Thank youThank you Judy Olson for donating the $75 MHC Covid Rep honorarium to MTRC.  Kari will see if there is something special we can purchase with this donation. Kari
Executive TransitionThe new MTRC Board members have been in regular contact as they learn their roles and thank members for their patience and support. 
Website UpdateAngela and Kari met to discuss updates to the website. Angela will work on the website in February.  Brenda has completed the links for each of this year’s ride registrations and will forward them to Angela so they can be added to our website.  Ride registrations can be opened only two weeks before each ride. Angela, Kari and Brenda are able to log into the website to make changes if needed.Angela   Brenda
Social Media PosterKari invited club members to post information they feel will be of interest to a wider audience and which will elevate MTRC’s profile e.g. Prairie Horses, etc.  Brenda has done some of this sharing in the past and volunteered to continue.  Kari will forward relevant info to Brenda so she can post it on other sites.Brenda Kari
Fundraiser UpdateThe Bud, Spud and Bird fundraiser was always a very successful fundraiser.  Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem possible for the foreseeable future.  Kari applied for a raffle license today.  It will take three weeks to know if it has been accepted or not.  Uses for funds raised by the raffle could include supporting junior riders e.g. by paying the ride fees for the sponsor of the junior rider. Prizes as follows: 1st Prize – one Coggins test and a MTRC family membership; 2nd Prize – $50 gift certificate to Pine Ridge Hollow; 3rd Prize – one MTRC family membership.  The draw could be held at the East Gate on April 17th. Another possible fundraising idea suggested was doing a joint tack sale with DRM.  Further discussion would be needed. We could also decide to have no fundraiser this year.Kari
Membership Drive and Zoho ApplicationThe membership application form is now in a Zoho form and membership can be paid by e-transfer.  Brenda will send the form to Angela for our website. There was discussion regarding walk up registration.  A full refund policy (up until the rider does their first vet check) encourages riders to register ahead of time.  Pre registration simplifies the running of a ride and for now the club will continue with preregistration only.  At some future time the club may allow walk ups, in which case a paper copy of the registration would be needed.Brenda Angela
Online BankingKari will talk with Mary Anne regarding using e-transers and the MTRC account. MTRC is an incorporated club.  MHC insures the club.  Riders must have a MHC membership in order to compete so they are insured as well. We will have the membership link ready for our website by February 1st. Changes need to be made for signing authority.  Motion: Kari, Mary Anne and Brenda will have signing authority for MTRC.  Cheques need to be signed by Mary Anne and either Kari or Brenda.     Mary Anne, Kari and Brenda will make arrangements with the bank to change signing authority and also to see if e-transfers can be used as well.Kari Mary Anne       Angela     -Moved by Susan -Seconded by Angela -Carried Mary Anne, Kari, Brenda
Executive Position DescriptorsBoard members will record their activities for the club during 2021.  This information will be used to write position descriptions for MTRC in 2022Kari, Brenda, Mary Anne, Terry, Carla
MHC RepKari spoke with Linda Hazelwood at MHC re the responsibilities of the MHC rep.  The MHC rep must attend two meeting during the year; the AGM and Council of Clubs in order to collect $150.  The meetings are held in the spring and fall.  Tauni volunteered to be our MHC Rep.Tauni
Covid Compliance Officer & Covid RepThe Covid Rep is the go between MHC and MTRC.  Kari will be our Covid Rep. The Covid Compliance Officer carries out Covid policy at rides.  This person can be a volunteer.  They may volunteer for a whole day or take a shift to gather forms and monitor Covid complianceKari
Policies and Procedures Info GatheringThe Board and club members will start making a list of policies that are lacking e.g. cancellation policy.  Carrie Wilson said she would gladly share the work she’s done for DRM related to policies.  Kari will work on updating and writing policies. Kari
Google DriveKari will become more familiar with Google Drive and then have a Zoom Meeting with the board.  All board members will have access to info stored here and will be able to update as needed.Kari, Brenda, Mary Anne, Terry, Carla
Badges and PinsIris has the 2020 crests and pins for horses and riders.  She’ll put them together and Angela will deliver them to Terry on Sunday, January 17.  Terry will deliver and/or mail them to the recipients.Iris, Angela, Terry
Calculation of Ride PointsIn the past Iris did the Calculation of points.  Kari will take on this role for 2021.  Iris will send the template to Kari along with the USB drive with MTRC documents, templates, info, etc.Iris, Kari

Next meeting:  Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 6:15 p.m. via Zoom

Motion to adjourn moved by Brenda, seconded by Terry, carried.

Meeting adjourned: Time: 8:05 p.m.