February 2021

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Location: Zoom 

Meeting called to order at 6:16 p.m.

Attendance:  Kari Hasselriis, Brenda Tolpa, Mary Anne Kirk, Carla Melquist, Terry McKee, Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Susan Heald, Linda Gillies, Tauni Jensen, Carrie Wilson, Janine Thomson                                

Additions to agenda: 

  • Tauni requested discussion regarding the Driving Clinic being held on June 26 which is the same date as an MTRC ride.
  • Iris requested discussion regarding the Souris Bend ATV situation. 

Meeting minutes from January 14, 2021 adopted as posted.  Moved by Carrie , seconded by Brenda, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mary Anne reported that she has no concerns about the club’s financial situation at this time.

            GIC – $2,199.95, Chequing – $2,619.73

            Membership: 15 single, 2 family = 19 total

Deferred Business
2021 Budget Items– The budget for Year End Awards has been approximately $600 for the last couple of years. – Iris spent $400 this year for mileage crests ($20 each).  Iris suggested seeing if we can get a better price for crests in the future. – The club will ask members for 2021 Year End Award suggestions in the future.      No one named for this action
Vet UpdateSusan has lined up vets as follows:     Belair (May 29) – Glenn Sinclair confirmed.     BHP (June 26) – Brittney Derksen has been asked but not yet                       replied.    Gross Isle (July 24) – Susan will ask Luke Versavel.    Spruce Woods (Aug. 28) – Kristen Wilson confirmed and will hold Aug. 29 if a second ride is scheduled.    BHP “MEC” (Sept. 18) – There was discussion re MHC changing the MEC date to August.  MTRC and DRM have decided to go ahead with a Birds Hill Ride September 18 and 19.  DRM has already booked Brittney Derksen for their ride so Susan will contact Brittney to see if she is okay to vet both days.  If not, Susan will find another vet for our ride Sept. 18. MTRC and DRM will work together when having joint rides to clarify details like vet, location, trail marking and demarking, payment for trail marking, etc.   When Susan books the vet she tells them the Covid protocols that were in place last year but makes them aware that they may change depending on what the province requires.  Vets are told to let the Ride Manager know what they require in order to be safe at rides.  Vets are also informed that for now, food is longer provided for vets at rides. Once a vet is booked, Susan will send an email to the Ride manager with vet contact information and hands off vet responsibilities to the RM.  It is up to the RM to provide the vet with pertinent info e.g. arrival time, location, current Covid protocols, etc..  Susan                           MTRC DRM                     Susan Ride Managers
Ribbons and Rule Cheat SheetsAfter discussion it was decided that the club will continue to provide the same ribbons as in the past.  Distribution will be determined according to Covid protocols.  Kari will determine the number of ribbons needed for the ride year and place an order with Maple Leaf Ribbon and Stamp in approximately the next month, so that we have them in time for the first ride.  She will order ribbons with hooks.   Rule Cheat Sheets – There was discussion re the use of laminated 5 x 3 1/2” cards with basic rules and a space to record important times, etc.  This info could also be posted on a poster at rides so riders could take a picture of it with their phone.  The pros and cons of this were discussed and it was decided to continue this discussion at the March.  Kari will add it to the agenda for March.Kari                         Kari
MHC Volunteer PortalTauni shared information regarding two tools that MHC provides to help verify that ride competitors are MHC members and therefore insured at competitions.  1.  MHC members can individually log into MHC and ask for their MHC verification to be sent to the club or, 2. a designated club member could become a verified MHC website user so that they could log into MHC to confirm all riders are valid MHC members.   After discussion, it was decided that competitors must have MHC membership in order for MTRC to avoid insurance problems. Rather than using either of the MHC tools, it was decided that the simplest way to verify MHC membership is as follows: competitors will be required to attach a copy of their MHC membership card along with their required Coggins test to ride entry registration forms.   Brenda will add this to the ride registration and checklist forms.   Kari will post this new requirement on our webpage and Facebook as we get closer to the first ride.                                Brenda   Kari
Ride Camp Location for June 26 BHP Ride & Thank YouThe Driving Club has planned an event at BHP on June 26 which is the same day as MTRC.  They are using the East Gate site we have used in the past.  In order to reduce congestion and stress Kari contacted the Folk Festival people and arranged for two possible camp sites on the South side of Festival Drive in the Folk Festival area. The site more to the west was chosen for the MTRC ride camp that day.   MTRC will donate the $75 on behalf of MTRC (the donation given to our club by Judy Olsen) to the Folk Festival as a thank you for allowing us to use their space.  Kari will make the donation to the Folk Festival online and then send a copy of the receipt to Mary Anne so she can be reimbursed by MTRC.   MTRC will work with DRM to determine the ride site for the September ride at Birds Hill Park.                    Kari Mary Anne         MTRC DRM
Belair Equipment TrailerKari has started working on the online application form for the use of Belair for our May ride.  Kari will contact Chris, who sent her the form, for assistance to determine if requirements are a lot different from other years or if more details are needed.   Janine has kindly agreed to do an inventory of the equipment trailer after each ride.   Kari will make up a job description for the equipment trailer manager and ask Janine to add to the description as needed.Kari         Janine     Kari
2021 MTRC Fund Raiser RaffleKari requested 2 quotes for raffle tickets.  To date she has received a quote for $130 for 500 tickets.  It was decided that Kari should order 50 books of 10 tickets each.  The price for each ticket is $5.   There is need for further planning to determine how to send payment for tickets to Mary Anne.   The draw will be held at the East gate on April 17, 2021.  Tickets will be drawn from a bin.  There will be no age limit for who can purchase tickets.  Board members are allowed to participate and a person can win more than one prize.   After discussion prizes were determined as follows: -First prize is a gift certificate of $150 for the vet of your choice -Second prize is a $100 gift certificate for Pine Ridge Hollow -Third prize is a Family Membership for MTRC. Brenda will talk to someone she knows at Pine Ridge Hollow to see if we can get a deal on the gift certificate.Kari                                 Brenda
Facebook PageThere was discussion regarding the number of admins needed for our Facebook page and what is allowed to be posted.  Brenda’s name was added as an admin and Iris had her name deleted.  This item will be added to the March agenda for further discussion.        Kari
March 11 Volunteer OrientationThis event is a go.  Kari will make up hand out for the different job descriptions.Kari
June 26 Driving Clinic LocationThis added agenda item was already discussed. 
Souris Bend and ATV’sTabled 

Next meeting:  6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 17 via Zoom

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:12 p.m.