August 2021

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date:  August 12, 2021

Location: Iris’s Home

Meeting called to order at 6.41 p.m.

Attendance:     Kari Hasselriis, Angela Roberts, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa,                                 Mary Anne Kirk, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Susan Heald    

Approval of previous Minutes: Moved by Angela, seconded by Brenda

Additions to agenda:  1. Coggins Test for remaining rides, 2. Spruce Woods Corrals

Treasurer’s Report:                                                                                                                             GIC’s – $2,208.75, Chequing – $1,839.83

            Membership:  20 single, 3 family for a total of 26

            Receipt for Spruce Woods’ permit for $52.50

Grosse Isle RideFeedback was very positive.  It was a well run ride and enjoyed by the participants. Kari recommended that we rent a porta potty for the Grosse Isle ride next year.    
Scoring Gut SoundsThere was discussion regarding the criteria for scoring gut sounds and the need for consistent scoring of the gut sounds on the score cards. It was decided that there needs to be clear communication with the vet prior to each ride regarding the need for the vet  to assign an A, B or C on each ride card rather than just + or -.  This makes it easier to tabulate the scores accurately and consistently.      Ride Manager         
Reconciling Ride Report, Score Cards and Rule Book re “Off Trail”There was discussion regarding the rules for going off course and the need for the Ride Report form and the Score Card to reflect the rule for going off course. The Ride Report form needs to include “off trail – no mileage”. If a rider goes off trail the tabulator needs to write “off trail – no mileage” on the score card.      Kari   Tabulator   
Manitoba Mountain Bike Association UpdateKari had a positive meeting with three members from the MMBA.  This group is very organized and working hard to promote their sport.  As a result of the meeting it was decided that: 1. A video should be made to demonstrate what cyclists should do when the encounter a horse on the trails and 2. A Meet and Greet with riders and cyclists will be planned for a future date in Birds Hill Park MTRC has made an important first step in the clubs becoming allies to promote safety on the trails.  The MMBA are working to gain additional designated cycling trails in the north east corner of the park.   
Greenhawk Sponsorship 2022Kari spoke with John, the owner of Greenhawk regarding the procedure for requesting Greenhawk sponsorship for MTRC rides.  He recommended Kari contact him in January to request sponsorship. Kari picked up two large MHC gift bucket filled with “goodies”.  One is for DRM and the other is for MTRC.  Kari will take our bucket to the Spruce Woods Ride where we will have a draw for the bucket.Kari       Kari  
End of Year AwardsIf MTRC has three or more rides in a year, there will be “end of year awards”. We are looking for members who would like to be on the End of Year Awards Committee.   
Coggins TestThere was discussion regarding dropping the Coggins requirement for the rest of the rides this year.  DRM has done this based on information provided by a vet.  It was decided that MTRC would not change the Coggins rule mid season but would revisit the need for a Coggins test for 2022 at a later date.   
Spruce Woods Corral UpdateThere has been a delay in the installation of two corrals at Spruce Woods which were purchased through a grant Susan completed and worked very hard to have approved.  Susan spoke with her contact person at Spruce Woods and was told the delay was due to a fire ban which restricts welding of corral panels in the park.  *The day after our meeting, Susan informed the club that the fire ban had been lifted and the corrals are now installed at the Spruce Woods Equestrian Camp!   
Next MeetingSunday, September 12 at Brenda Tolpa’s at 62013 Poplar Road.  We will have a potluck brunch from 11:30 to 12:00 followed by a meeting.   

Motion to adjourn:  Moved by Kari, seconded by Iris

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:04 p.m.