October 2019

Meeting Minutes
October 8, 2019

Location: Iris Oleksuk’s Residence, Stonewall, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Mary Anne Kirk, Kelli Hayhurst, Linda Gillies and Natalie Nordin.

No additions to the agenda, and meeting minutes accepted as read by Kelli, seconded by Linda, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  

$2,189.00 GIC, $4,363.52 Chequing. 

Membership: 38 single, 8 family = 54 total


$55.82 to Iris for equipment purchase

$356.03 to Angela for marking supplies and misc. Spruce Woods Ride expenses

Motion to accept, Kelli and seconded by Natalie, carried.

Deferred Business
Rookie of the Year clarificationTo clarify from the previous minutes, the Rookie of the Year will be awarded to the rider, not the horse.  Therefore, it does not matter if the newbie rode a seasoned horse, just that the rider has never competed previously.
Ride Manager’s HandbookNow that the ride season is over, Angela and Iris will review the handbook.  Iris has sent a copy to Kelli. 
Areas that also need to be discussed/included: communication, mentorship and planning.
Deferred, ongoing.
Review of the Rule Book and Score CardKelli has put a post on Facebook looking for input on the rule book.  Discussion points should be directed to the BoD. Deferred until next meeting pending results.
Ride ReviewMEC – successful event, nicer weather than last year.  There were enough volunteers. Iris does not want to be RM for MEC in the future.  Communication with the MEC committee and organizing for this event are a lot of work.  Many thanks to Natalie for being the Day Manager. There was discussion at a recent DRM meeting about the MEC event.  It was discussed that we would like to run our own rides at this event, meaning we coordinate our own event in conjunction with the MHC event.  There was also discussion of a possible date change.
Spruce Woods Wind-Up – good event, successful ride with no casualties.  Saturday weather was fantastic but Sunday was a much colder, wetter day.  There were no 40s and only three in the cumulative event. Thank you to a most wonderful group of volunteers for everything you did, including demarking trail in the most miserable of weather.
Volunteer ChairTammy Storie has resigned from the position.  This will not be filled, as it is not necessary.  Ride Managers will find their own volunteers. If there is trouble finding help, the Board will help find someone to help out.
Inventory UpdateOrange and black ribbon has been purchased for marking an alternate, third loop.  Put up with the white ribbon, it shows up remarkably well.
Angela has most of the equipment from inventory at the moment and will return to Elizabeth this weekend.  Janine Thomson has donated a fire pit to the clubs.
MHC GrantIt has been determined that the pump and structure will not likely be approved and so it was discussed with the Board of Directors of both clubs, MTRC and DRM, to request the Grant money to erect two more permanent pens at Spruce Woods.  Susan
New Business
AGM Discussions
Club Bylaws – The members in attendance have reviewed the current bylaws and will propose changes to the membership at least 21 days prior to the AGM.  Angela will complete the proposed changes and submit to the President for distribution no later than 25 October 2019.
Board Positions up for re-election – Kelli and Mary Anne will be finished their terms, so two positions will be up for election.
Ride Fees – Iris has proposed to increase the fees for the Open and Novice Divisions by $5, this will allow the RM to offer more at rides.
Division Awards – How awards will be decided.  Terry and Angela will purchase the Year End Awards. 
Vet Recruitment – TBD 
Volunteer Appreciation – No VA event as Ride Managers are recognizing their own volunteers at the events.
Two-day rides – Shannon will run a one-day only at BHP in June, and she is looking for a Day Manager.
Carrie and Angela are considering a two-day ride in Spruce Woods in August.
Tentative Ride Schedule:
MTRCBHP – Mid-Jun – ShannonSpruce Woods – 22/23 Aug – Carrie/AngelaSandilands – 12 Sep – Linda G
DRMMars Hills – May long weekend – CarrieSpruce Woods – 4/5 Jul – MauraRed Deer – 2 Jun – DariceSouris – 5/6 Sep – Myna
Food Expectation for Volunteers at RidesThere is no expectation for RMs to provide food at rides.  It is at the RM’s discretion and needs to be communicated.
Bud, Spud and BirdIris is looking into available dates at the Curling Club.  Currently considering 18 or 25 January. Linda G has agreed to be the Silent Auction Coordinator.  Any prizes can be dropped off at Iris’s.IrisLinda G.
Club Wind up and Award NightCooks Creek Community Centre on 23 November.  This will be an organized potluck; Kelli will come up with a menu.  For those who bring a potluck item, it is $10 entry, for those without, $15.Kelli
Masterfeeds Equine Education EventsMTRC is not participating but the event will be held this Saturday, 12 October at Murdock Stables on Murdock Road.
For the Love of Horses Clinic and SpeakersDarice is a speaker at the event.  It will be held on 17 November at Sport Manitoba, 145 Pacific Ave in Winnipeg.

Next meeting:  AGM, held at Smitty’s Selkirk at 9:00 a.m. followed by the joint Ride-Scheduling meeting with DRM at 12:00 p.m.

Next general meeting: 11 January 2020, location TBD.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 8:20 p.m.