September 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
September 5 2017
Location: Smitty’s Restaurant, Selkirk, Manitoba

Attendance:  Linda Gillies, Linda Cruden, Iris Oleksuk, Mary Anne Kirk, Evelyn Allen, Terry McKee, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Kelli Hayhurst and Janine Thomson

Meeting called to order:  6:56 PM

Review of Minutes of Meeting August 31, 2017: Motion to accept the minutes as written by Kelli Hayhurst, 2nd by Iris Oleksuk.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report: $2167.57 GIC  $3849.89 Chequing

Membership – 27 Single 3 Family = Total 33

Motion to accept treasurer’s report by Angela Roberts, 2nd by Kelli Hayhurst, carried

Business arising from previous minutes: 

  • Ribbons – Iris Oleksuk has ordered and picked up enough ribbons for 2017 and will check out what is missing and order for 2018 after the 2017 is over.
  • Ride Review:  Spruce Woods turned out great with good weather and a good turnout.  Well organized, with no pulls and no one got lost on trail.
  • Completion Crests:  Linda Cruden will check with Tammy Storie to see if she has spoken with Barb Glover, tabled until AGM.  Iris Oleksuk has suggested Expressions to see if they can do it.
  • 2018 Membership discount:  Will defer to the AGM in November

New Business:

  • Sandilands Ride – To date there is 10 pre-registered riders with the possibility of 14.  8:00 am start for the 40 Mile division, 9:00 am for 25 Mile division.  Volunteers will be Janine Thomson, Chris Fredrickson, Diane Tolgyessy and Terry McKee.
  • MEC – Central Vet as agreed to be the veterinarian for the championships.  Carol Gibson will volunteer as well one more volunteer is required.  Linda Cruden will put up request on website as well as Facebook to request volunteers and some help in demarking the trail.  DRM is on Saturday and MTRC will be on Sunday.  Deadline to register is September 8, 2017.
  • Year End Awards – The decision as to the yearend awards has to be made by end of MEC.  Iris Oleksuk and Natalie Nordin have agreed to be responsible for yearend awards.  1000 mile plaques to be obtained from Stewart Trophies on Portage Ave.  Kelli Hayhurst will supply a list of people who will need the plaques as well as the name and plates required to both Iris Oleksuk and Natalie Nordin. 
  • Volunteers – Kelli Hayhurst has volunteered to host the volunteer dinner.  She has also suggested that a $10 gift certificate for Tim Horton’s to all the volunteers.  Kelli Hayhurst will also put together a list of the volunteers who will be getting the certificates.
  • AGM – The AGM will be on Saturday November 4, 2017 at Roxie’s Uptown Café in Selkirk, Manitoba at 10:00 am.  The Bud Spud and Steak will be held in January 2018 and Iris Oleksuk has agreed to check with Stonewall Curling Club to see if we can hold there again.
  • Bills: 


$51.97 trail marking supplies paid to Angela Roberts
$90.29 participation awards paid to Angela Roberts

Next Meeting: Saturday November 4, 2017 at Roxie’s Café in Selkirk, Manitoba at 10:00am

Meeting adjourned: 8:05 PM

Side Note:  Kelli Hayhurst, Iris Oleksuk and Natalie Nordin request to be on the future emails for the board.