May 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
May 10, 2018
Location: Iris Oleksuk’s Residence, Rockwood, MB

Attendance: Iris Oleksuk, Kelli Hayhurst, Linda Cruden, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Angela Roberts, Betty Lynn Hodgkinson, Susan Heald

Meeting called to order:  6:24pm

Review of Meeting Minutes from AGM:  Motion to accept minutes. Linda G/Angela. Carried.

Treasurer’s Report: GIC  $2167.27

  • Chequing $4,127.93 includes $500 bingo and ride revenue – vet expenseMembership 


  • Single: 27
  • Family: 9
  • Total: 45


  • 183.74 – Volunteer night
  • 9.48 – Postage (to mail out 2015 awards and 2018 BHP Permit)
  • 193.22 (Kelli)
  • 282.40 Scorecards (Angela)
  • 51.01 Permit and Ride expenses (Iris)
  • Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report: Linda C/Iris. Carried.

Old Business

BelAir turned BHP ride – Coggins tests – make sure people know to bring the form or put horses on file. Iris agreed to accept advance valid coggins forms and track on a sheet. Kelli to put notice on website and Facebook page.

Clinic – June 16 – Linda C/Janine mentors – Glenn vetting – Mary Anne day managing. Could use more mentors. Kelli to put note on Facebook page to request. Need copies of welcome package printed and enveloped. Angela proofread the package, Kelli to make changes and email to Betty Lynn who will print 20 copies. Kelli to supply envelopes.

Day Managers/Vets/Volunteers

  • Mary Anne Kirk day managing the Mars Hills ride. Need timer. Need a day manager for Sandilands. Kelli to put out request on FB for day managers and volunteers.
  • Glenn Sinclair is vetting all rides except MEC which will be Dave Snell.

Paint Night – Deadline May 24 – Linda C to create blurb for website and FB page to encourage participation

Volunteer Night – report – decision required to continue next year or change – Tabled to AGM (Kelli to create a list of agenda items for discussion at AGM).

Permits – Confirm all permits in place for all rides. Mars Hills is in place. BHP is mailed. Janine is taking care of the Sandilands one.

Iris to contact BelAir and have them hold the permit for next year, transfer it or return the funds.


Trail Marking/Ride Management:

  • What to do about going off trail to be socialized and better explained at ride meetings.
  • Materials – ribbons and trail marking protocols – keep consistent/share materials with DRM
  • Compensation for BHP ride will be doubled as there were two rides planned. Motion by Linda C/Mary Anne. Carried. Iris to get $150 and $150 to Kelli to split between those who marked trail at BHP.
  • Special Consideration for Riders/Juniors: Best practice is to have requests made to board in advance of ride. If made at ride to Ride Manager, RM can confer with board members present. Each request will be determined on a case by case basis. In some cases, additional demerits may be assigned if warranted.
  • Iris to purchase more Junior ribbons.
  • Kelli to look for banner.
  • Clock: Carol to purchase ride clock and submit receipt for reimbursement.

MHC AGM Report: Iris attended.

  • Bingo revenue is $500/year/club. We have received 2018 cheque.
  • Clinics – let MHC know so they can include in their information. They receive additional funding when clinics are held.
  • Kelly Rowe taking over MHC Grounds.
  • Horse Day is June 2.
  • Cavalia 10% discount for MHC members – use “AMAZING” promo code.

AGM: Location/date/awards:Tabled

Silent Auction prize donations: Tabled

Next meeting: Tuesday June 12 at Kelli’s

Meeting adjourned: 8:06pm

Thank you Iris for hosting and providing Pizza and to everyone for attending and bringing food.