May 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2017
Location: Forest Management Institute

Attendance:  Dave Fakes, Suzanne Regnier-Tront, Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin, Hailie Emms, Roxanne Aeichele, Tammy Storie, Linda Cruden, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk and Janine Thomson

Meeting called to order:6:40 pm

Approval of the Agenda – Approved by Mary Anne Kirk and Janine Thomson.  Carried

Minutes of April 11, 2017 meeting – Tammy Storie did an overview on highlights; rules, clinic, MHC grant, Pembina Valley ride, club clothing, Option for driving club, MHC ride dates to be updated on their website and giving a gift to Stan Banaisiak.  Motion to accept and approved by Mary Anne Kirk and Iris Oleksuk.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report –  $2156.49 GIC  $3960.13  Chequing

   Membership  21 Single, 2 Family  Total 26

Business Arising from the previous Minutes –

  • Clinic debrief – Hailie Emms stated that participants filled in survey and overall response was good.  More information on conditioning and timing of ride pace.  Will condense topics for next clinic.  Next time will have pre-register with a cheaper rate and if after set date it will cost more money.  Some participants were happy with the ride pace and separation from friends.  Vetting in was quickly explained with the idea that it could be put on flash drive for future presentations.  Will condense theory into more laymans terms.
  • Pembina Valley Ride – Great ride with beautiful scenery.  A little confusion with vetting as timing of heart rates and mid vet checks were taking too long.  Concesus is to not piggy back with DRM as it is too difficult to manage.
  • Club Clothing – Tammy Storie will provide samples of the club clothing at the Sandilands ride along with an sign up sheet for requests.

New Business:

 Sandilands Ride – Directions will be on the poster and signs will be posted to ride camp.

  • Exploring New Places to Ride – Natalie Nordin will check into the possibility of a ride in Steep Rock.  Also Suzanne Regnier-Tront will check with the Broke & Busted Trail Riders as to where they hold their Lac Du Bonnet ride.
  • Information from MHC AGM –Iris Oleksuk attended the MHC AGM and said she received a flash drive of the meeting presentation.  She stated that the insurance companies are cracking down on where rides are held ie; provincial parks  as opposed to private property.  Some board positions are still open.  Brandon area are not sure if they benefit from MHC.  Flash drive from MHC was given to Tammy Storie.


  • $29.22 paid to Iris Oleksuk for Stan Banasiak’s gift.
  • $137.03 paid to Angela Roberts for Rules books, spray paint, ground flags, markers to write the competitor’s #’s on horses bums and  coffee & donuts for the clinic.
  • $50.00 Paid to Tammy Storie for the arena rental for the clinic.

Next Meeting: Wednesday June 28, 2017 at Smitty’s in Selkirk 6:00 pm

Meeting adjourned:  8:05 pm