June 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
June 19, 2018
Location: Kelli Hayhurst’ Residence

Attendance:  Kelli Hayhurst, Troi Anderson, Evelyn Allen, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Mary Anne Kirk, Linda Cruden, Angela Roberts, Iris Oleksuk, Rob Anderson and Janine Thomson.

Meeting Called to Order:  6:45 PM

Treasurer’s Report:  GIC $2167.27

   Chequing  $3896.30


27 Single

9 Family

Total  45

Accepted:  Iris Oleksuk & Linda Cruden

Old Business:

 Clinic Ride – The ride was well attended.  Linda Cruden suggested that there should have been more thoroughness thru the whole score card as so many had tied.  There also could have been more volunteers.  It was suggested that volunteers need to learn how to use hand held heart monitors.  All was still fun.

 Paint/Sign Night – The new date is Thursday November 8, 2018 at the Red River Steak House in Lockport.  Janine will bump up ad.  Also noted that the use of the facilities is free and food/beverage will be available to order.  All monies fund raised will go to MTRC & DRM to be split equally.

 Permits – The Mar’s Hill permit is in place.  BHP is mailed.  JanineThomson is taking care of Sandilands permit.  Iris to contact Bel Air and arrange to have them hold permit for next year, transfer it or return the funds.  $42.00 is still with Conservation on Saulteaux Cres with Lac Du Bonnet conservation.

 Banner – Banner has been located in Tammy Storie’s basement and given to Iris Oleksuk.  Iris Oleksuk mentioned that the mentor T shirts are missing.  Carrie Schellenberg Wilson and Trish Leiman Forde have all MTRC supplies.

 Trail Marking/Ride Management:   Instead of goodie bags give out to the competitors, Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts & Linda Cruden will arrange swag bags spending a maximum of $50.00 per ride.  Junior Riders are being placed separately from all other riders.

AGM:  The 2018 Annual General Meeting discussion will be tabled to a later date to coincide with the Distance riders of Manitoba Annual General Meeting.  MTRC will donate $300.00 to purchase silent auction prizes for the AGM.

New Business:   Mars Hill ride – Mary Anne Kirk will be the day manager for this ride.  Carol Gibson has offered to be a timer but only for the am.  Troi Anderson will see if she can get a volunteer and let Kelli Hayhurst know.  Kelli Hayhurst will post on Face book the the ride will require volunteers and also thru a general email to the membership.  Kelli Hayhurst will see if Kate Wilson will volunteer to be a timer for the ride as well.  A card of sympathy for Rachel Hill family and friends was distributed to the attendees at the meeting to sign.  Kelli Hayhurst will forward to her family.

Next Meeting:  Tuesday July 31, 2018 at Chicken Chef in Stonewall , MB 6 pm

Meeting Adjourned:  8:16 PM