July 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
July 31, 2018
Location: Chicken Chef, Stonewall, Manitoba
Attendance:  Kelli Hayhurst, Linda Gillies, Iris Oleksuk, Mary Anne Kirk, Carrie Schellenburg Wilson and Janine Thomson
Meeting Called to Order:  6:20 pm
Review of Meeting Minutes from AGM:  Motion accepted to change $300 from AGM to fundraiser. Accepted by Janine Thomson and Iris Oleksuk. Carried
Treasurer’s Report:   
GIC  $2178.11            
Chequing  $3755.27
Membership:  28 Single, 9 Family for a total of 46 (Does include Elizabeth Bima but not Erin)
Accepted by Janine Thomson & Linda Gillies. Carried. 
Old Business: 
Paint Sign Night – Thursday November 8, 2018 at Red River Steak House, Lockport.  Nothing to report at this time.
AGM:  Date set for AGM November 10, 2018 at Roxie’s in Selkirk, Manitoba.  To be included in agenda will be fundraising prizes and mileage of training rides.
New Business:  
Mars Hills Ride – August 18, 2018.  Permit is in place.  IF travel ban is put in place ride will be cancelled.  Carrie Schellenburg- Wilson and Trish Leiman Ford co-managing and marking trail.  Mary Anne Kirk will day manage.  Glenn Sinclair is the Vet.  Carol Gibson & Kate Wilson will be timing.  Laura Longley will scribe.  Kelli Hayhurst and Rob Owen as volunteers.  Also staging camp area may be off Road #84.   Mary Anne Kirk and Iris Oleksuk will create T-Shirts and also shop for goodie bags for the ride.  Suggestions Costco:  Cliff Bars, Cheezies,  bottled water, chocolate bars, horse cubes.
Sandilands – Janine Thomson is still working on the permit and establishing a vet.  Janine Thomson will also be marking the trail.  Still looking for day manager.  Iris may have her friend Jamie as scribe.  Mary Greenslade volunteer and possible Kate Wilson to time.  Kelli Hayhurst may also put out another request on Face book for day manager and volunteers.
Manitoba Equestrian Championships – Wendy Carnegie and Elizabeth Bima to mark the trail and MTRC will demark the trail.  Dr Dave Schnell will be vetting for MTRC on Sunday September 19, 2018.  Carrie Schellenburg-Wilson and Kelli Hayhurst to contact Manitoba Horse Council.
Fundraising – Linda Gillies will head the fundraising committee.  The topic was brought up regarding merging of the two clubs MTRC and DRM.  The discussion was short and the idea of a proposal was thought to be necessary.   Tabled. 
By Laws – Kelli Hayhurst suggested that the by-laws to be added to the AGM agenda for housekeeping modifications.
Next Meeting – Tuesday August 28, 2018, Smitty’s in Selkirk, Manitoba.
Meeting Adjourned:  8:20 PM