January 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2017
Location: Roxie’s Bar & Grill, Selkirk, Manitoba

Attendance:  Tammy Storie, Hailie Emms, Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin, Linda Gillies, Linda Cruden, Mary Anne Kirk, Kelli Hayhurst, Janine Thomson

Approval of Agenda.  Motion to accept by Linda Gillies, Linda Cruden, carried

Minutes from the AGM November 5, 2016:  Motion to accept the minutes waive the reading by Angela Roberts, Linda Cruden, carried.

Treasurer’s report:  GIC $2156.49 Chequing $2585.41

           Membership – 18 Single, 1 Family = 20 members

Business arising from the last meeting:

Score card – Tabled until committee meets again.  No Meeting scheduled to date.  Angela Roberts to contact committee members and arrange a meeting.

Bud Spud & Bird –  Janine Thomson will look after tickets and arrange collection of money.  Janine will also accept e-transfer for payment of tickets.  Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin and Hailie Emms have agreed to accept any silent auction prizes and set up prior to the dinner.  Mary Anne Kirk and Linda Cruden have agreed to work the door and Tammy Storie as agreed to send email out for volunteers to work shifts at the door and set up a schedule.

 Janine Thomson has agreed to contact Camille Sochaski to see if she has the left over tickets (i.e.; 50/50 and silent auction prize tickets as well as price list).  $300 will be allotted from MTRC to purchase $300 worth of scratch tickets.   Tammy Storie will check with spouse to see if he can bring home card board to make 3 separate trees to attach the lotto tickets to.

Permanent Trail Markers: Janine has agreed to try and get plastic cardboard signs, letter size and approximately 4 of each, for:

 1 – ½ Mile Trot In

 2 – 2 Miles to camp

 3 – 5 Miles

 4- 10 Miles

MHC Grant – Tammy Stories agreed to get information on applying for the clinic grant thru MHC with Carolyn Lintott.

Thank You Cards – Angela Roberts has provided Janine Thomson with the Thank you cards and any postage left over.  All agreed to continue to mail the thank you cards out.

New Business:

Clinic – Clinic committee members are Brenda Tope, Jen Simons, Tammy Stories, Haylee Emmis and Angela Roberts.  April 29, 2017 possible clinic date.  Tammy Storie to check with Iver Asham at BHP Ranch to the possibility of rental their arena.  She will also consult with him regarding possible tying of horses inside the arena while waiting for mock competitive trail ride.  Also committee to meet immediately after today’s meeting to work out details.

Bingo – Nothing to date.

Paint Night – Paint night was a success and Mary Anne Kirk has received a cheque for $522.00.  Kelli Hayhurst has agreed to check out the feasibility of hosting a paint night in her home. 

Ribbons –  Tammy Storie will order enough ribbons for all placing for the 2017 rides as there is not enough in stock.

Bills – $50.85 payable to Angela Roberts for payment of printing the Bud Spud & Bird tickets.

Next meeting:  February 21, 2017 at Tammy Storie’s, 66125 Briercliff Rd

Motion to adjourn meeting 10:47 by Angela Roberts, Linda Gillies, carried.