January 2019

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
January 10, 2019
Location: Iris Oleksuk’s Residence, Rockwood, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:42 p.m.

Attendance: Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin, Kelli Hayhurst, Troi Anderson, Terry McKee, Susan Heald, Emil Kucera, Janine Thomson, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Carrie Schellenberg Wilson, and April King-Callisto.

Agenda items added: Record of Decisions (RODs), pamphlet, Ride Manager for BHP second day ride.

Meeting minutes adopted as modified by Terry, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Treasurer’s Report: $2,178.11 GIC, $2,898.95 Chequing.

Membership: 4 single, 2 family = 8 total

Motion to accept, Natalie and Terry, carried.

Deffered Business
Website/FacebookEmil would like someone to take over the website. Trish Forde’s daughter Nikki and Carrie have expressed interest in taking on the project. Kelli made a motion to pay $400 to Nikki Forde to restructure the website, Carrie will assist. Aiming for 1 March 2019 turn-over date.

There was a discussion about creating a page that will be strictly for events; this will not be a forum, just event information.
Carrie and Kelli will look into this.
Clinic for VolunteersVolunteer training – scorecard, handhelds, and all things volunteer. Susan has agreed to be the Committee Head for this project. Location: Janine Thomson’s arena, date: TBD, likely April/May time frame. Confirmed details to follow.Susan
Trail Marker/Ride Manager HonorariumDiscussion on who receives the honorarium for each ride; $150 has historically been given to the RM; however, there has been much discussion about the trail markers receiving payment. Susan Heald made a motion for MTRC to set two separate, definitive amounts for the RM and TM. Motion seconded by Carrie, carried. Janine made a motion to pay $50 to the RM and $100 to the TM, seconded by Carrie, carried. It has been decided that we will try this for the 2019 ride season.
Zoho Online RegistrationWe will need to get more information about what we want from this registration site and how much it will cost. Tabled.
Ride Manager’s HandbookHandbook was created in 2016, not available on website and needs to be updated. Iris will review this document and we will update the document before the new ride season.Iris
Vets for Ride Season 2019Susan Heald reports that vets are booked for each event. She will send out a letter to reconfirm before the start of the ride season, and will also forward to Board members and ride managers.
BHP will be two day ride if a day manager can be found. Susan will contact vet(s) to make sure that an official is available for that day – 16 June.
Volunteer Appreciation IdeasTabled. To be discussed at the next meeting.
Bylaws – modificationsTabled. Changes will have to be reviewed at the 2019 AGM
Elevator RidesRiders can elevate from 15 to 25 miles or 25 to 40 miles. Carrie made a motion for a rider to be able to elevate (and collect mileage) to another division while maintaining any placing in the original division. Troi seconded, carried.
New Business
Bud, Spud and Bird101 tickets sold, donations are coming in, and Iris will be purchasing the lottery trees this week.
Linda Gillies has requested that anyone who gets donations from businesses, to please get an official business card for the thank you signage.
Angela, Iris, Natalie will put prizes together on Friday night. Linda G will also meet on Saturday at 4 pm to set up Stonewall Curling Club.
Volunteers are needed to work door and sell 50/50 tickets. Susan, Mary Anne have agreed to take a door shift and Janine has agreed to assist with 50/50 ticket sales.
Linda G.
Mary Anne
Council of Clubs$150 has not yet been received but should be in next week. A special funding grant has been filled in and submitted by Iris. We should be receiving lottery (previously bingo) money sometime end January. MTRC and DRM BoDs have discussed submitting a request for the MHC Recreation Grant. Further discussion will be necessary to determine what we will request, so plans are to prepare for 2020.
Nominations for any MHC awards are to be submitted NLT 31 Jan 2019.
CommitteesYear-End Awards committee – Terry McKee and Angela Roberts
Marketing committee – Social media is currently effective, no committee required.
Clothing – Kelli suggested Tammy Storie and will confirm.
Volunteer coordination – Tammy volunteered to be the volunteer coordinator for 2018, Kelli will confirm if Tammy will continue in this position.
Discussion around who and how to submit ride results. Options will be investigated along with the Zoho online registration. Historically, Iris has collected the ride entry forms with the rider information and ride results, filled out the ride result form and submitted for upload to the website.
Ribbons Angela will order the ribbons for the upcoming ride season.  To be purchased and delivered to inventory with Elizabeth Bima. Angela
Duties of Executive Members Delegation of duties to each position.  Tabled.
Equipment Inventory Inventories for both DRM and MTRC are being held at Elizabeth Bima’s residence on Hillside Road in BHP area. Kelli (MTRC) and Carrie (DRM) are the committee heads for each club.Elizabeth
Day Manager for BHP second day and MECIris will be the Day Manager for the MTRC portion of the MEC event. Carrie has agreed to be a Day Manager for one of the days at the June BHP ride event.Iris
Pamphlet Sandilands Ride format changed from 10\20\30 to 10/15/25/40 as it is no longer the first ride of the season. There are two DRM rides in May. There were other small changes to the pamphlet including the two day managers and confirmation of DRM ride dates. Pamphlet is complete and ready for distribution.Kelli
In meeting additions:

BoD USB flash drives
Kelli will update all BoD USB keys and distribute to Board members. Kelli
MECMEC Event Committee is looking for members. For those that are interested, contact Megan Mossop, Show Chair meganmossop@hotmail.com or Val Crowe, Show Secretary pvcrowe@mymts.net
$168To Emil for website
$603To Mary Anne for Insurance