August 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2017
Location: Smitty’s Restaurant. Selkirk, Manitoba

Meeting called to order:   6:17 PM

Attendance:  Tammy Storie, Mary Anne Kirk, Kelly Hayhurst, Linda Cruden, Linda Gillies, Iris Oleksuk, Emil Kucera and Janine Thomson

Minutes of meeting from June 28, 2017:  Minutes waived.  Accepted by Iris Oleksuk and Linda Gillies

Treasurer’s Report:  Chequing $4041.51  GIC $2167.27

Membership:  27 Single 2 Family  Total:  31  Accepted by Linda Cruden and Kelli Hayhurst

Business arising from Previous Minutes

  • Ribbons – Iris Oleksuk has gone thru the ribbons and said she will need to order more for the Sandilands ride in September. 
  • Clothing Order – The clothing order has turned out great and there is an opportunity to order more thru Tammy Storie.
  • Ride Review – Bel Air turned out to be a great ride.  Some of the new people unfortunately did not finish in time but enjoyed it all the same.  The ride management had some little things of interest on the trail for the riders which added to the fun.  It was well attended and a good time by all.  It has been suggested to have new people ride with mentors to be addressed when pre-entering or if they show up at the ride.

New Business:

  • 211 Website – Linda Cruden received and email to update the information on the 211 website.  Linda has addressed it and provided the information required.
  • Spruce Woods Ride – Angela Roberts has now done the coggins test and will be managing the Spruce Woods Ride as planned.  She plans to mark on horseback.
  • Sandilands Ride – Iris Oleksuk is the ride manager but plans to ride.  Janine Thomson will be marking trail and working the ride along with Mary Anne Kirk and possibly Carol Gibson.
  • Coggins Testing – The negative coggins test will remain mandatory for the 2017 ride season and will be discussed further for the 2018 ride season at a later date.
  • Completion Crests – The completion crests are almost out and Tammy Storie has agreed to contact Barb Glover to see if she is able to make them (she already has our logo). 
  • Side  Notes – Ride management should note that the horse is being judged from first veterinary inspection until the final inspection is complete and any bad behavior in-between should be noted and determined if they are allowed to complete the competition. 
  • Janine Thomson also noted that ribbons placed on horse’s tails should be put up on the website and Facebook to help riders be aware of safey precautions for both riders and horses.  Tammy Storie has agreed to send the photo with examples of ribbons to Emil Kucera to place on the website and she will post on the MTRC facebook page as well. 
  • Another important note is that any new veterinarians working a ride should have an experienced scribe work with them to help point out the rules and what the club is looking for. 
  • Janine Thomson has suggested that the 2017 members should be offered a free 2018 membership in lieu of the EIA situation, only offering single memberships and family memberships would have to pay the extra.
  • The Manitoba Equestrian Games in September 2017 is to be registered thru Manitoba Horse Council and be noted on the MTRC website.  


  • $105.65 Paid to Tammy Storie for Glover Equine for setting up the logo.
  • $52.50  Paid to Linda Cruden for the Spruce Woods Permit
  • $52.50 Paid to Mary Anne Kirk for the Birds Hill Park Permit

Next Meeting: Tuesday September 5, 2017 at Smitty’s Restaurant in Selkirk Manitoba

Meeting Adjourned: 8:02 PM