AGM 2018

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
November 10, 2018
Location: Smitty’s Restaurant in Selkirk, MB

Attendance:  Kelli Hayhurst, Linda Cruden, Angela Roberts, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Janine Thomson, Troi Anderson, Terry McKee, Susan Heald, Mary Anne Kirk, Brenda Tolpa, Emil Kucera, Carrie Schellenburg-Wilson

Meeting Called to Order:  9:58 am

Acceptance of the last Annual General Meeting Minutes:  Motion to accept Janine Thomson, 2nd by Terry McKee, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  $2178.11   GIC  $3865.76 Chequing

                                      Membership –   27 Single, 9 Family Total 47

 Bills: $311.89 Kelli Hayhurst for goodie bags/batteries/rack/hand truck

            $61.02 Angela Roberts for the printing of the Bud/Spud & Bird Tickets

             $693.90 Iris Oleksuk for awards                                   

Motion to accept Linda Cruden, 2nd Troi Anderson, carried

President’s Report:  Kelli Hayhurst stated that 2018 had a great turnout for the rides and thanks to the fellow board members for all their hard work and to the membership for helping to make 2018 a stellar turnout. 

Vice President’s Report:  Linda Cruden had also stated that it was a good year and thanks to all who helped to contribute. 

Secretary’s Report:  Janine Thomson had no comment

Treasurer’s Report:   Mary Anne Kirk had no comment

Board Member at Large:  Linda Gillies had no comment

Deferred Business

Manitoba Equestrian Championships Review:  Linda Cruden commented that it was not as well organized as in previous years.  The weather although better than 2017 was still cold and wet. 

Fundraising and Silent Auction Donations:  Linda Gillies has been collecting and organizing auction prizes for the Bud Spud and Bird on January 19, 2019.  Iris Oleksuk has also agreed to collect accept prizes for the silent auction to be held at her place. She also also made copies of the letter to hand out for those that will approach business and communities for silent auction prizes. 

Junior Definition:  Junior definition is 16 yrs of age and under of the current ride season and must ride with a sponsor.  17yrs and older as of January 1 of the current ride year will be classified as seniors.  For those that have not reached the age of 18yrs (majority) as of the date of the ride will still require a waiver to be signed by the parent/legal guardian at registration.

Possible Merger:  MTRC/DRM Board of Directors meeting resulted in tabling the discussion for 1 year.  It was noted that some of the membership were disappointed that they did not have a say in the discussion and were not able to vote on the subject.

Nomination and Election of Officers:  Mary Anne Kirk and Kelli Hayhurst will continue to their second term.   Linda Cruden has agreed to be chairperson for the nominations and Kelli Hayhurst and Mary Anne Kirk are assigned as scrutineers.

Nominations for board members:

Nominated   Nominator   2nd Nominator  Accepted

Iris Oleksuk   Kelli Hayhurst   Mary Anne Kirk  Yes

Angela Roberts   Iris Oleksuk   Kelli Hayhurst  Yes

Terry McKee   Kelli Hayhurst   Linda Gillies  Yes

Brenda Tolpa   Kelli Hayhurst   Janine Thomson Yes

Susan Heald   Linda Gillies   Kelli Hayhurst  Yes

Troi Anderson   Janine Thomson  Kelli Hayhurst  Yes

Linda Gillies   Troi Anderson   Brenda Tolpa  Yes

Iris Oleksuk motioned to cease nominations, 2nd by Kelli Hayhurst, carried

Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts and Terry Mckee have been elected to the board.

Nominations for President Position:

Nominated   Nominator   2nd Nominator  Accepted

Iris Oleksuk   Janine Thomson  Brenda Tolpa  No

Kelli Hayhurst   Iris Oleksuk   Angela Roberts  No

Angela Roberts   Troi Anderson   Susan Heald  No

Terry McKee   Kelli Hayhurst   Linda Gillies  No

Kelli Hayhurst motioned to cease nominations, 2nd by Linda Cruden, carried

Nominations for Vice President:

Nominated   Nominator   2nd Nominator  Accepted

Terry McKee   Brenda Tolpa   Carrie Wilson  Yes

Angela Roberts   Emil Kucera   Kelli Hayhurst  Yes

Kelli Hayhurst   Janine Thomson  Susan Heald  No

Iris Oleksuk   Angela Roberts   Troi Anderson  No

Motion to destroy ballots by Kelli Hayhurst,  2nd by Angela Roberts, carried

New Board for 2019:

President   Iris Oleksuk

Vice President   Terry McKee

Secretary   Angela Roberts

Treasurer   Mary Anne Kirk

Board Member at Large  Kelli Hayhurst

New Business

Bylaws:  A copy of the bylaw changes are attached and highlighted.

Motion to accept by Janine Thomson, 2nd by Linda Cruden, carried.

 Susan Heald has agree to update the bylaw changes to reflect gender neutral  and will have complete for the 2019 Annual General Meeting for acceptance.

Motion to accept  by Janine Thomson, 2nd Linda Cruden, carried.

Website:   Emil Kucera has suggested if anyone is interested in looking after the website.  This will be deferred to the January 2019 meeting.

Membership and Ride Fees:  It was discussed if any changes were necessary for the 2019 season and all agreed to leave the fees for both as is.

10 and/or 15 Mile Training Division:  It was discussed as to whether to keep both the 10 and 15 mile division rides and it was accepted to keep both but that the 10 mile will collect mileage but no placing and the 15 mile training division will include placing. 

Two day Ride Points:  As per the following from Angela Roberts

  • Proposal:   “Spruce Woods Weekend Wind-up”, a two-day CTR Event with two-day cumulative distance categories
  • Where:  Spruce Woods Provincial Park or Belair Provincial Forest

When:  28 – 29 September 2019


I would like to hold a two-day CTR “Wind-Up” event at Spruce Woods at the end of the ride season.  The event would offer the option to ride back-to-back in either the novice or open divisions with miles cumulative on both days, as well as offering the regular divisions at the same time.  I would also like to propose a dinner idea of some sort for Saturday night (I’m thinking hot dogs, chips and drinks, less work for everyone involved and cheap).  Then perhaps have a social evening around a campfire.  Ride times can start a little later to accommodate day light hours


Ride distance categories:

15 miles (non-cumulative) both days

25 miles (non-cumulative) both days

40 miles (non-cumulative) both days

Novice Division 2-day cumulative 2 x 25 miles = 50 miles

Open Division 2-day cumulative 2 x 40 miles = 80 miles

There will be no 2-day cumulative for the training division, as this is a training division.

Ride requirements:

  • event permit (if SW, notify The Friends of Spruce Woods)
  • pre-registration minimums would have to be met NLT midnight Saturday, 2 weeks before the event
  • Vet
  • Volunteers (scribes, timers, HR monitors, trail de-markers)
  • water troughs and transport for water
  • prizes/ribbons
  • small gifts for volunteers and all entries
  • expected numbers (volunteers, participants, crew) NLT 1 week prior to the event for the purpose of food, gifts, etc.
  • I would like to get donated prizes for the top three placings in each category and all juniors.  If anyone has anything to donate or knows someone who can help out please let me know, any assistance is appreciated.

Proposed Fees (based on member pre-registration fees):

15 miles  $30/day ($2/mile)

25 miles $35/day ($1.40/mile)50 cumulative $53.50 ($1.07/mile)

40 miles $45/day ($1.13/mile)  80 cumulative  $80 ($1/mile)

Non-members add $10 day fee, late entries add $10.  Juniors minus $5.

Proposed point tabulation:

15, 25, 40 miles  as per usual

  • 50 and 80 miles 1.5 or 2 times point value (I personally like 1.5 as it keeps things a little more fair for those competing in the Open Division)
  • Conclusion
  • I would like this event to be a fun, end-of-season ride that offers something a little different.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcome! 

Carrie Schellenburg-Wilson was questioning about the elevator rides and the possibility of maintaining the placing from the original entry and just adding on mileage after.  To be deferred to the January 2019 meeting.

It was discussed that if 2 day rides are done the minimum number of entries are required for both days to continue otherwise it will just be a one day ride. 

Motion to accept by Kelli Hayhurst, 2nd by Linda Cruden, carried.

Division Awards:  Training, Novice and Open divisions will remain the same no change.  It was decided that there will be a junior and senior placing for each separate division. 

Motion to accept by Kelli Hayhurst, 2nd Emil Kucera, carried. 

Ribbons, Year End Awards:  Will remain the same

Volunteer recruitment:    Tammy Storie has agreed to take on this position for all the rides.

Vet Recruitment:  Susan Heald has agreed to take on this position and will discuss will each ride manager to see if they have a preference.

Volunteer Appreciation:  Suggestions for other ideas for appreciations will be deferred to the January 2019 meeting. 

Ride Manager and Trail Marking to be two different Positions:  This topic will be deferred to the January 2019 meeting. 

Training Clinic:  The discussion to have a training clinic for volunteers and learning to take P&R’s deferred to the January 2019 meeting. 

Next Meeting:  Thursday, January 10, 2019 at Iris Oleksuk’s home 6 PM

Meeting Adjourned:  11:58 AM