AGM 2017

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
November 4, 2017
Location: Roxi’s Uptown Cafe, Selkirk, Manitoba

Attendance:  Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin, Iris Oleksuk, Linda Gillies, Camille Sochaski, Betty- Lynn Hodgkinson, Terry Mckee, Brenda Tolpa, Linda Cruden Kelli Hayhurst, Janine Thomson, Shannon Yaskiw  and Mary Anne Kirk.

Meeting called to order: 10:15 am

Minutes of the September 5, 2017 Meeting:  Motion to accept the minutes of September 5, 2017 meeting by Kelly Hayhurst and Mary Anne Kirk, carried

Minutes of the AGM November 5, 2016:  Motion to accept the AGM minutes as previously written by Kelli Hayhurst and Mary Anne Kirk, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  

 $2167.27 GIC   $3437.74 Chequing

Membership 28 Single, 3 Family (1 Junior) for total of 34

Motion to accept by Janine Thomson and Kelli Hayhurst, carried.

President’s Report:  Linda Cruden wanted to thank all the volunteers, ride managers, veterinarians and all the competitors for a fabulous ride season and hopes that 2018 will be even better. 

Vice President’s Report:  Tammy Storie was not in attendance.

Secretary’s Report:  Nothing to report at this time

Treasurer’s Report:  Nothing to report at this time

Board Member at Large:  Nothing to report at this time

Bingo Representative:   Kelli Hayhurst had no bingo’s to report

Manitoba Horse Council Representative:  Iris Oleksuk attended 2 meetings and nothing to report at this time.  Iris will also be attending the November 5, 2017 MHC meeting.

Old Business:

  • Completion Awards – Iris Oleksuk has ordered the completion crests from Instant Imprints and also notes that they now have the templates for any re-orders.  Iris also states that there are still lots of pins on hand.
  • Manitoba Equestrian Games – Linda Cruden said that despite the nasty weather everything turned out well. Linda also said that she is not sure if the event will still be offered in 2018 and MTRC can decide if they would like to participate at a later date if it is.


Nominations were accepted for open board positions:

 Kelly Hayhurst was nominated by Linda Cruden and second by Natalie Nordin

 Mary Anne Kirk was nominated by Janine Thomson and second by Kelli Hayhurst

 Shannon Yaskiw was nominated by Janine Thomson and Second by Mary Anne Kirk

 Camille Sochaski was nominated by Kelli Hayhurst and second by Angela Roberts

  • Janine Thomson motioned to have nominations cease, accepted by Linda Cruden and Iris Oleksuk, carried.
  • Kelly Hayhurst, Mary Anne Kirk and Shannon Yaskiw agreed to let their name stand.  A vote was taken and Mary Anne Kirk and Kelli Hayhurst were nominated to the board.
  • Kelli Hayhurst and Mary Anne Kirk motioned to destroy ballots, accepted by Angela Roberts and Natalie Nordin, carried.

Nominations for President

 Linda Cruden was nominated by Janine Thomson second by Mary Anne Kirk

 Kelli Hayhurst nominated by Linda Gillies and Janine Thomson

 Janine Thomson nominated by Kelli Hayhurst and Linda Cruden

 Janine Thomson and Linda Cruden declined nomination for President and Kelli Hayhurst accepted.

 Motion to cease nominations by Kelli Hayhurst and Natalie Nordin, carried

 Iris Oleksuk has agree to remain at Manitoba Horse Council Representative

 Kelli Hayhurst has agree to remain as Bingo Representative

2018 Board Members:

 Kelli Hayhurst, President

 Linda Cruden, Vice President

 Mary Anne Kirk, Treasurer

 Janine Thomson, Secretary

 Linda Gillies, Board Member at Large

New Business

  • Membership fees and Ride Fees – It has been agreed that the membership fees and ride fees will remain the same.
  • Ride Format – It has been agreed that the ride format will remain the same 15 Mile Training, 25 Mile Novice and 40 Mile Open.
  • Clinic – The club will offer a clinic in a condensed version to be offered at the Birds Hill Park ride for 2018 with the ride format being 10/25/40.  Clinic host to be tabled until the January 2018 meeting. 
  • Signup sheet – Something to be set up on website and Face book for people who can offer or are looking for trailering to and from rides.
  • Membership list – Mary Anne Kirk to send a list of all membership along with email list to Kelli Hayhurst.  Kelli Hayhurst will set up 2 distribution lists one for members only and one to include everyone.
  • Ride Veterinarians – Kelli Hayhurst as accepted the responsibility of setting up the veterinarians for the 2018 rides
  • Manitoba Horse Council Form – Linda Cruden has completed the MHC form and Iris Oleksuk has agreed to take to the November 5, 2017 meeting and drop off.

2018 Ride Schedule:

  • May 12, 2018 Bel Air Provincial Forest 10/20/30 Iris Oleksuk will manage and Mary Anne Kirk will help out.
  • June 16, 2018 Birds Hill Park 10/25/40 Shannon Yaskiw will Manage, clinic facilitator to be tabled until January 2018 Meeting.
  • July 4, 2018 – Tentative – Trish Forde and Carrie Schellenberg to manage with the possibility of needing a day manager.
  • September 8, 2018 Sandilands 15/25/40 Janine Thomson
  • Manitoba Equestrian Championship – ???
  • Kelli Hayhurst will send an email to all and see if anyone would be willing to manage and mark a ride at Spruce Woods or another location before the January 2018 meeting.

Bud Spud and Bird:

  • Iris Oleksuk has confirmed with the Stonewall Curling Club to host the Bud Spud & Bird on January 20, 2018. Angela Roberts will arrange to have the tickets printed.  Iris Oleksuk has also agreed to accept and prize donations.  There will not be any grand prizes just auction prizes.   The same price and ticket structure as 2017 Bud Spud& Bird.  There will be $300 allotted towards purchase of auction prizes, prize purchaser to be determined.  Janine Thomson has agreed to look after the tickets.

EIA Presentation:

  • Janine Thomson has agreed to organize a power point presentation on EIA offered by Glenn Sinclair DVM ON February 24, 2018.  Will confirm with Glenn Sinclair if that date works for him


  • The possibility of fund raising a paint night to be tabled until the next meeting.


 $39.35 paid to Natalie Nordin for participation awards at Bel Air Provincial Forest

 $1385.43 paid to Iris Oleksuk for yearend awards and crest awards

 Motion to pay bills by Linda Cruden and Kelli Hayhurst.

Next Meeting:

 January 13, 2018 at Iris Oleksuk’s house 11 am

Meeting Adjourned: 12:14