AGM 2016

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2016
Location: Roxi’s Uptown Cafe, Selkirk, Manitoba

Meeting called to order at 10:10 a.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Terry McKee, Dianne Borger, Brenda Tolpa, Linda Cruden, Tammy Storie, Janine Thomson, Emil Kucera, Jen Simons, Mary Anne Kirk, Kelli Hayhurst and Linda Gillies.

Additions to the agenda: Awards for next year and Merchandise for purchase (DRM) were added by Iris Oleksuk.  Agenda approved, carried.

Minutes from the last meeting: motion to accept minutes of last meeting by Jen Simons and Natalie Nordin, carried.

Treasurer’s Report: 

$2,156.49 GIC, $2,447.87 Chequing.

Membership: 30 single, 1 family = 32 total

MTRC Income Statement = 2016 (handed out)

Motion to accept, Mary Anne and Hailie, carried.

Secretary’s Report:

Welcome new members!  We hope you are enjoying yourselves, as we’re sure happy that you’ve decided to join us.  Any feedback or new ideas that you can offer are always appreciated and welcomed with open arms.

2016 has had its low points but we had a fantastic ride season with four rides and a good turnout overall.  Ride participation was excellent and we got to see some fresh trails at a new venue as well as some old favourites.  It was just unfortunate that we couldn’t get out to Sandilands this year.  Next year for sure!

There were a few hiccups with riders getting organized and out on time.  A thorough review of the rule book, score card and bylaws are scheduled for this winter.  So, keep a weather eye out for changes.

We did have the opportunity to run two 40 mile rides this year.  Looking forward to seeing new faces in the open division next season!  Hopefully a rise in numbers in the novice division as well.

Pre-registration went well this year.  This system makes it so much easier for the ride managers to keep track of registrations and to gauge their own requirements to host the events.

I would like to say thank you to all of the volunteers and ride managers that made this year successful.  Without you, we wouldn’t be here.  For those of you who wish to manage a ride in the upcoming season, thank you in advance; you are a rare and very valuable treasure.

Thanks to everyone that marked or de-marked a trail or even a section of trail this year.  Every little bit counts!  It helps that it counts toward your mileage too.

I was very disappointed with the lack of support for the Paint Nite fundraiser.  I did put the question out there before going ahead with it, and the initial response was enthusiastic; however, we’ve had to push and guilt people into sharing or participating.  They have extended our deadline until 8 November.  As of yesterday at 5:30 p.m., there were still 26 tickets available.  Meaning, we need to sell 11 tickets for the event to take place.

Overall, it has been a good year and I have had the opportunity to meet some incredible people.  I have made some new friendships that I look forward to renewing next ride season when we hit the trails.  I am excited to welcome our new members and those that will make up the new executive.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the upcoming ride season!

President’s Report:

I felt that we had an excellent ride season.  We had 4 rides with Sandilands being cancelled due to road closures.  The Pembina Valley Ride was a first for MTRC.  We had 9 riders riding as it was held with DRM.  Many people wondered why we had no rides in July and August.

Pre-registration went very well. $10 makes a difference!

Facebook was well used although I’m not sure if we gained new members.

We had several new members that seem really keen to ride with us and I heard a rumor that we will probably have a group of Rocky Mtn horses out next season, so yay!

Thanks to Darice for her pictures again…with Dianne’s help, of course.

Thanks also to the ride managers and all of their volunteers, Darice for BHP, Chelsea, Iris and Angela for Pembina Valley, Hailie for Bel Air, and Linda Cruden for MEC.  Janine and Kelli were on board for Sandilands.

New initiatives were the canopy, new whiteboards with times and groups listed for riders, thanks to Natalie for a new sandwich board.  Thanks to the Paint Nite people who tried their hardest to get people to go.  The rule book and new score cards are an ongoing project but are nearly done.

We had a couple of bingos and hopefully will have a dinner to fundraise in January.

Personally, I would like to thank the board and members who were so supportive during my sad time in May.  2016 wasn’t always easy, but things are looking up.

How do you like the toques?

Vice President’s Report:

The 2016 ride season had a great start with lots of enthusiasm and high attendance.  We managed to get quite a few items done; such as our much-needed revamping of the rules, and a great Ride Manager binder made up to help new Ride Managers learn the ropes. 

Unfortunately, attendance slipped off as the ride season progressed.  Me being one of the worst, I admit, as my home reno went downhill.  As such, I will be stepping down off the board this year, as I will be spending all the 2017 ride season on the renovation/ repair of my home. 

Due to my absence this summer I don’t have much to report, but I am hoping we can get some suggestions from our members on how to increase volunteering!  We are starting to see burn-out again.

Board Member-at-Large’s Report:  Nothing to report as a Board Exec. But I would like to share the positive experience I had managing the ride in Bel Air this year.  It was a fun experience and I had a really supportive team of volunteers and experienced ride managers.  I encourage all riders to manage a ride!

Bingo Rep:  We had two bingos this year.

Marketing Rep:  Nothing to report.

MHC Rep:  Two meetings this year, two meetings attended.  Iris will be attending the meeting on 13 November, 2016.

Webmaster Report:  There was a drop in visits to the website but also a drop in the spam that was infecting the site.  He would like to talk to Darice about the photos to be posted to the website.  He will archive all of the old data.

Old Business:

Trail MarkingThe current trail marking scheme has been working well. We will continue to use it.
Pre-RegistrationWent really well. Riders save $10 for pre-registering. There is no requirement to send in registration form, just etransfer the money to Mary Anne. It would be nice if riders brought a completed registration form to the ride. This would save time for the volunteers that are doing the registration.
These instructions need to be submitted for addition to the website.
Iris Oleksuk
FacebookAdministrators have been keeping the Facebook page clean and up-to-date.
Spreadsheet/TemplateIt was easy using the templates to submit results and mileage. We need to start entering the volunteer positions as well to provide complete info for stats. Kelli to send out template. She will continue to keep track of the mileage and the ride pamphlet.Kelli Hayhurst
Thank You CardsAngela had looked into having MTRC thank you cards created. Photo was chosen by members, need quote to print. Tabled.Angela Roberts
MHC Rec GrantNothing has been done with this. Tabled.

Elections: Currently, Angela Roberts and Mary Anne Kirk are sitting for another term.  Angela Roberts has had to step down from her current term; therefore, there are four positions that are up for election.

Hailie Emms has nominated Linda Cruden, seconded by Kelli Hayhurst.

Angela Roberts has nominated Janine Thomson, seconded by Linda Cruden.  She will not let her name stand.

Linda Cruden has nominated Hailie Emms, seconded by Iris Oleksuk.

Janine Thomson has nominated Dianne Borger, seconded by Hailie Emms.  She will not let her name stand.

Hailie Emms has nominated Tammy Storie, seconded by Natalie Nordin.

Angela Roberts has nominated Linda Gillies, seconded by Iris Oleksuk.

Janine Thomson has nominated Terry McKee, seconded by Hailie Emms.  She will not let her name stand.

Iris Oleksuk moved to cease nominations.  Seconded by Angela Roberts, carried.

No names to stand for President.  Hailie Emms has withdrawn her name from the nominations.  Janine Thomson has agreed to let her name stand.

Mary Anne nominated Tammy Storie for President, seconded by Angela Roberts.

Iris Oleksuk moved to cease nominations, seconded by Angela Roberts.

By proclamation, Tammy Storie has been elected President.

Iris Oleksuk nominated Linda Cruden for Vice President, seconded by Angela Roberts.

Jen Simons nominated Linda Gillies for Vice President, seconded by Mary Anne Kirk.

Natalie moved to cease nominations, seconded by Janine Thomson.

Tie between Linda Cruden and Linda Gillies for Vice President.

Re-ballot with Linda Cruden and Linda Gillies.

Linda Cruden is now Vice President.

Discussion amongst new Board members determined the following:

Mary Anne Kirk is Treasurer.

Janine Thomson is Secretary.

Linda Gillies is Board Member-at-large.

The new President has requested that Iris Oleksuk continue on with the meeting.

Kelli Hayhurst will remain the Bingo Rep.

Iris Oleksuk will remain the MHC Rep.

New Business

Ride FormatNo change. The first ride will be 10/20/30, all consecutive rides will be 15/25/40.
Ride FeesAfter discussion, it was agreed that the prices will not change.
Rule Book and Score CardThe Rules Committee will need to set up a meeting to review the current rule book and score card before the next ride season. When the documents are complete, they will need to be sent to Emil to be put on the website.
Clinic for new membersIt was proposed that a clinic should be offered for new members. Items that were discussed were: How to Condition your Horse, Electrolyting, How to Cool your Horse, Riding the Ride that Suits you and your Horse, Pacing, Bringing Down your Horse’s Heart Rate, and Trail Marking. Possibly schedule for April/May time frame. A sub-committee has been created to organize the event. 7 January at Roxi’s Café, 10:00 a.m.; Jen Simons, Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Tammy Storie and Brenda Tolpa.Jen Simons

Angela Roberts

Hailie Emms

Natalie Nordin

Tammy Storie

Brenda Tolpa
Awards for next ride seasonDo we want to present our awards at an informal BBQ in conjunction with DRM; at our annual Bud, Spud and Steak fundraiser; or at our AGM. Many enjoyed the awards at the fundraiser but it was quite loud at the venue and holding the AGM and the fundraiser on the same day made for a very long day for the organizers as well as those who have to travel for the events. Tabled. The new executive will decide.
Ride SchedulePembina Valley, Hailie Emms and Natalie Nordin, 13 May 2016 – run with DRM
Sandilands, Kelli Hayhurst and Janine Thomson, 27 May 2016
BHP, Darice Whyte and Dianne Borger, 17 June 2016
Belair, Hailie Emms and Natalie Nordin, 22 July 2016
Spruce Woods, Angela Roberts, 26 August 2016
Souris Bend WMA, Iris Oleksuk, 9 September 2016
MEC at BHP, Mary Anne Kirk, September 2016, date TBD
AGM 2017Next AGM will be held on 4 November 2017, location TBD.
Bud, Spud and Steak fundraiser21 January 2017 at the Sunova Curling Club in Stonewall. Iris is in conversations with the cook and curling club President. More information to follow. Kelli Hayhurst made a motion to spend $300.00 for silent auction prizes, seconded by Jen Simons.


Training Division:

Carrie Wilson, Champion

Shannon Lightfoot, Reserve Champion

Rookie of the Year: Tammy Storie

Novice Division:

Dianne Borger and Prairie Winds Santana, Champion

Linda Gillies and Dakota, Reserve Champion

Open Division:

Brenda Tolpa and Star, Champion

Angela Roberts and Grace, Reserve Champion

Mileage Awards:


Darice Whyte – 1500, Angela Roberts – 1250, Linda Gillies – 300, Dianne Borger – 300, Brenda Tolpa – 150, Shannon Lightfoot – 150


Beau Tia Maria – 1250/1500, Grace – 500, Dakota – 300, Prairie Winds Santana – 150, Star – 150, TW Agassiz (Raffiq) – 150


Clipboards, whiteboard, promo items, trophies and other year-end awardsIris purchased clipboards, whiteboard, stapler and promo toques. $484.46.Iris Oleksuk

Mary Anne Kirk
Corporate Return$25.00 paid for Corp ReturnIris Oleksuk

Mary Anne Kirk

Next meeting:  7 January, 2017 at Roxi’s Uptown Café, 219 Manitoba Ave, Selkirk MB.  The meeting will start at 9:30 a.m. followed immediately by the Clinic subcommittee meeting. 

Motion to adjourn made by Angela Roberts, seconded by Jen Simons, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 12:15 p.m.