June 2019

Meeting Minutes

June 26, 2019

Location:  Smitty’s, Selkirk, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:18 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Terry McKee, Susan Heald, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Judy Olson, Kelli Hayhurst, and Carrie Schellenberg Wilson.

Addition to the Agenda: Safety.

Addition to the minutes: Received $150.00 from MHC for attending both meetings.

Meeting minutes adopted as modified by Kelli, seconded by Terry, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  

$2,178.11 GIC, $5,278.20 Chequing. 

Membership: 36 single, 8 family = 52 total


$197.36 – Sandilands Ride, Iris

$73.59 – Goody bags for BHP Ride, Angela

$200.00 – BHP Ride, Shannon

Motion to accept, Carrie and seconded by Terry, carried.

Deferred Business
Ride Manager’s HandbookSusan Heald has revised and sent to Iris.  Iris has reviewed and will send to Angela for further editing. Payment Summary Form to be added to Ride Manager’s Package.  
Areas that also need to be discussed/included: communication, mentorship and planning.
Ride UpdatesBelair – Volunteers, food, vet (Glenn) and permit are all taken care of.  Susan has contacted local ATV Club and has had no response yet; Susan to contact Darice WRT ATV club.  Iris will take care of maps and trail marking. Ride timings have been moved up to accommodate the weather.
MEC – Iris is still scheduled as Day Manager, looking for someone who would like to take the position as she would like to ride.  Paperwork is filled out and Glenn is the vet.
Spruce Woods – Permit is in place, Friends of Spruce Woods have been contacted, vet (Central) has been confirmed.
Clothing OrderClothing was distributed at BHP ride.  A couple of orders are being followed up on due to error.Tammy
Volunteer ChairDeferred.
Inventory UpdateDRM spent ~$700 on equipment, MTRC has been requested to purchase spray paint, pylons, clipboards, and striped ribbon to put with yellow in the event of another trail being marked, aside from the two regular loops.
Shirts and trailer decals are available and will be offered to the volunteers at future rides as gifts for volunteering.
Before marking supplies are returned to inventory, please sort out or at least recognize the amount of work that goes into sorting out the supplies.
Iris will put a call out for pails to be used as weights for the canopies.
Ride Mgrs
Proof of CogginsThe rule for verifying coggins has been changed:  As long as the rider can provide proof of a valid coggins (date being the most important) we will take either a photo or a paper copy, as long as the paperwork is current.Ride Mgrs
Sandilands RideThere were enough volunteers, the space was a bit tight and the ride was larger than expected.  Both locations that we use in Sandilands are restrictive. Judy mentioned that because of the clinic offered earlier this year, sliding into the scribe volunteer duties was made easier.
Iris will contact the permit office to discuss what can be done after the mess up with the ATV group.
BHP RideFirst two day ride offered, there was some confusion about where the ten mile loop started.  There was a suggestion to use pie plates to address this in the future. Things were a bit disorganized and the Day Manager had to sort out much that should have been prepared before taking over.  
Discussion about having a written plan in place and better communication so that there is direction for the Day Manager/volunteers on ride day.  
Bag Fundraiser$120 made to date.  We will bring them to sell at future rides. Ride Mgrs
MHC 50/50 TicketsContact Iris if you’d like to sell these tickets.  They are to raise funds to purchase a utility vehicle for MHC facilities.  Iris will be bringing them to the Belair Ride.Iris
New Business
New Riders ConcernsPosted start times vs. actual start times – we need to change the wording on our posters to reflect staggered start times.
Trail marking, not seeing ribbons – pie plates were discussed as an option to direct riders out of camp.
No maps – it is important to have maps with descriptions and landmarks.  This makes it easier for a rider to orientate themselves while out on the trail and helps in the event of trail sabotage.
5 minute pulse vs. 10 minute pulse – some felt that this is not fair to the bigger breeds.  It needs to be explained that this was designed to reduce the number of ties. As a horse becomes more fit, the pulse will recover faster.
Knowledge of rules and scorecards – many have not read the rule book and score cards are a useful tool for learning about the sport.  It is important that the criteria be explained and that marking is consistent.
Actual mileage of loop – should be listed as is accurate on the white board and timings/pacings should reflect the actual mileage.
Speed per division – listed in the rule book: 4-5 mph for training division, 5-6 mph for the novice division, and 6-7 for the open division.  These paces are set based on weather and terrain conditions as well as time of year (beginning vs end of season rides).
SafetyWe need to encourage people to tag their horses in the event of an escape.  Reusable key rings, luggage tags, or even flagging ribbon with a name and phone number should be braided into the mane/tail.
Prizes at RidesPrizes will be at the discretion of the Ride Manager.  The club is purchasing goody bags for the participants but these are not considered prizes.
Breed AwardsThere are many different breeds involved in CTR now and we should consider offering breed awards.  This cannot be resolved until the AGM but should be discussed for next season.

Next meeting: 27 August at Smitty’s in Selkirk, 6 p.m.

Motion to adjourn made by Susan, seconded by Angela, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 9:11 p.m.