January 2020

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: January 11, 2020

Location:  Iris Oleksuk Home

Meeting called to order at 10:51 a.m. 

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Kelli Hayhurst, Terry McKee, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Brenda Tolpa, Judy Olson, Donna Glasman, Lisa, Kizlik., Carla Melquist, Debbie Stewart, Carrie Wilson, Linda Cruden, Tauni Jensen, Rusty Jensen

Additions to agenda:      Waiver discussion (A #1), 

            Photo Album (A #10)

Previous Meeting minutes approved.  Moved by Kelli , seconded by Angela, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  

    $2,189.00 GIC, $3,994.71 Chequing. 

    2020 Membership: 7 single, 4 family = 15 total

    Insurance should be included in Sustainable Development (200 Saulteaux Crescent)

    Bills to be paid included under New Business

A. Club Management– Ride Managers Handbook: Iris and Angela reviewed it and will post on website- Iris will make hard copies for ride managersIris
2.– Binders for each ride: Susan is updating Belair Ride, Iris is updating SandilandsSusanIris
3.Rules Book and Scorecard review: Kelli reported that one person had a concern but after discussion it was agreed that the rules will remain as stated.
4.Website: Carrie stated that interested volunteers should contact her.  Donna volunteered her husband’s technical expertise if required. (Many thanks)
5.Zoho: Tabled Carrie and Brenda to discuss prior to further action.
6.Vet Recruitment: Susan has arranged the following: Belair – Glenn, Birds Hill – Central Vet, Spruce Woods – Central Vet, Sandilands – TBA
7.Trail Marking and Ride Manager Honorarium: No change from 2019
8. Committees needed:             Year end awards – Terry and Angela,            Clothing – Carrie to ask Shannon, Iris to ask Mary           Ride Results – IrisCarrieIris
9. USB Updates: Kelli is updating memory sticks and will look into using Google docs rather than memory sticksIris will send Kelli her red memory stick informationKelli
10.  Photo Album – deferred to next meeting
B. Inventory1.   Items needed: Discussion regarding waterproof scorecards and printing.  Carrie will forward info to Debbie who will print scorecards.  – Ribbons will be taken care of by Angela- Iris will  maintain and update the green folderCarrieDebbie
2.Anything else: not at this time
C. Manitoba Horse Council1.  MEC: Unofficial date set as September 19 & 20, 2020
2.Grants:    – Susan requires letters of support for the MHC grant         application for additional corrals at Spruce Woods from any club members or riders who use the Spruce Woods Equestrian Campground.  Letter of support should include specific experience where there was a shortage of corrals at the Spruce Woods Equestrian Campground.    – Carrie will ask Chelsea and Patrick who are non members to sign a letter of support for additional corrals.  Terry will send a letter of support as well. Address letter to MHC but send to sheald53@gmail.com by January 22.  – Donna volunteered to look at the application and help with editing as per Susan’s request.   – Iris will be named as “applicant” on behalf of MTRC.
MTRC Club MembersRiders who use SWEC


3.Safe Sport:     – Carrie will send the correct links for Respect in Sport and Heads Up to membership.    – Iris will get clarification from Linda Hazelwood regarding the need for all individual riders to take these courses in order to not be required to pay the $5 fee per ride.  Also check re need for a coaching # on the entry form.      -Recommendation made for a $5 discount on entry fees for each rider having successfully completed MHC coaching requirements. Score cards will need to reflect this.  Further discussion required.    – Donna will let Iris know what number the Hunter/Jumper riders use.

4.Spring Meeting:  MHC Meeting on April 16, 2020.  Judy is our repJudy
D. General Updates1.  Wind up and awards presentations: Recommendation for AGM on November 7 and Awards Evening November 14
2.Inventory: Kelli reported everything is okay
3.Pamphlet: Will update dates for 2020Kelli
4. Rides: 1st ride distances at Belair: to remain the same as regular rides (will not be shortened).
New BusinessBud, Spud and Bird:Basket Bee at Iris’s on Friday, January 17 after supper,  Linda will bring baskets, cellophane, ribbonSaturday, January 18 meet for set up at curling club.

Susan working the doorSandy and Cheryl doing 50/50Lottery Tree  – $200Silent Auction tickets $10 sheet

Linda G. Linda G.Iris??SusanSandy Cheryl
2.Clinic:- Tentative clinic date is May 9, 2020- Iris will ask Darice to check with the park re location for the clinic e.g. East Gate, north of Polo Field, etc.- Ask Shannon to include clinic date in BHP application- Clinic boss – Iris- Volunteers for clinic: Brenda, Angela, Carrie, Carla, Debbie, Lisa, Rusty, Tauni, Terry

3.DRM Sponsorship: Unsure whether Central Vet was offering to sponsor only DRM or including MTRC.  Linda will seek clarification from Central VetLinda C.
4.Award Nominations for MHC: If you are interested in making a nomination it must be submitted to MHC by January 31st.
5.Horse Identification: Donna will research methods for horse identification in the event that a horse and rider are separated. Donna
6.Bills to be paid:    $385.20 – Insurance payment reimbursed to Mary Anne        $225.00 – MHC        $200.00 – Money tree reimbursement paid to Iris
Moved by Terry
Seconded by Kelli

Next meeting:  10:30 a.m., Saturday, February 22 at Terry McKee’s home.  23037 Hazelridge Road

Motion to adjourn moved by Linda C., seconded by Brenda, carried.

Meeting adjourned: Time 1:20 p.m.