2022 Year-End Ride Results and Awards

  • Open Champ: Troi and Hero
  • Open Reserve: Annette and Rusty
  • Novice Champ: Dianne and Zari
  • Novice Reserve: Kari and Laddie
  • Training Champ: Carla and Connor
  • Training Reserve: Brenda and Winston
  • Open Junior: Ethen and Z
  • Novice Junior: Elsie and Ginger
  • Training Junior: Erin and Ginger

Mileage Awards:


Wendy Nagtegaal, Chelsea Ashton, (300)

Christine Steendam, Chelsea Ashton, Troi Anderson (500)

Elsie Garn (750)

Wanda McKenzie, Linda Gillies, Ethen Garn (1250)

Darice Whyte, Wendy Carnegie (3500)


Rusty (500)

Bolt (1250)