Belair Blast!

Distance Vet Time Ride Time Fees *
40 miles 6:30 7:00 $45
25 miles 7:00 8:00 $35
15 miles 8:00 9:00 $30
10 miles 8:00 9:00 $30

* Listed fees are for pre-paid adult members.
Juniors pay $5 less for each distance.
Non-members pay an extra fee of $10.
Late payment charge of $10.
If you can, print your registration form from the website and bring it with you to the ride.

Pre-pay by June 29.

E-transfers to

or mail to: Mary Anne Kirk
838 Alfred Ave.
Winnipeg, R2X 0T6


Things You’ll Need!

Negative coggins
Wear a helmet
Horse council membership

Bring your own water and feed, for you and your horse. There are no amenities.

Ride Manager
Susan Heald
204 955 8554

Directions: Hwy 59 North. Turn right (east) on Hwy 304. Turn left (north) into Ride Camp approximately 5 miles from intersection of 59 and 304. Watch for signs.

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