28 June 2022

Manitoba Trail Riding Club 

Meeting Minutes  

Date:  June 28, 2022 

Location: Zoom

Meeting called to order at 6:38 p.m.

Attendance:     Kari Hasselriis, Terry McKee, Brenda Tolpa, Linda Gillies, Angela Roberts

Regrets : Mary Anne Kirk                              

Approval of previous Minutes: Moved by, Angela, seconded by Brenda

Additions to agenda – None

Treasurer’s Report:                                                                                                                

GIC’s – $2,208.75, Chequing – $3,159.88

Membership:  20 single, 6 family for a total of 32

Bills payable: $67.17 to Kari for new ride clock (MTRC’s share), $176.06 to Maple leaf Rubber Stamp for Open Division ribbons

Kari will ask Mary Anne to cancel e-transfer ride fees for the cancelled GI ride.     

Minimum Number of Riders for a RideAfter discussion it was decided that the minimum number of riders for a ride will be 10.  This does not entirely cover the cost of running a ride but it was hoped that some rides will have more riders which will offset the deficit of rides with fewer riders. The deadline for ride entries is the Tuesday before a ride.  Riders have until Wednesday noon to withdraw from a ride and receive a full refund.  After that time there will be no refunds as the entry fees are used to run the ride.  If MTRC has to cancel a ride all riders will receive a full refund. Brenda will add information regarding the entry fee refund deadline on the auto reply email that is sent to riders when they register for a ride. Angela will include this new policy item on the website. Kari will post this information on Face Book.                      Brenda     Angela Kari
Grosse Isle Ride: New DateThe Gross Isle Ride was cancelled for the original date.  Linda is willing to run a ride at Grosse Isle on September 24.  She will confirm if the date works for Neil (ride vet).Linda
Sandilands RideKari will post that the September 17th Sandilands ride needs a trail marker and ride manager.  At this time Darice and Dean are looking at the possibility of going to Sandilands at the end of July or early August to scout out trails based on trails Dean has downloaded from maps.  If no one volunteers to trail mark or ride manage the Sandilands ride will be cancelled.  Kari mentioned that Susan H. might be available to help trail mark. The Sandilands Ride will be left on the ride calendar for now in the hopes that people volunteer to fill positions needed.Kari
Honorarium for RidesKari will add information re the Trail Marker honorarium of $100 and the Ride Manager honorarium of $50 to the Ride Manager document and manual/rule book. At the AGM, the club will attempt to parcel out jobs such as: arranging for ride vets, getting ride permits, score sheet tabulator, etc.  Having different individuals take on these roles will help reduce the work load for the ride managers. The club will do away with the Day Manager title.  If a ride manager wishes to ride at the ride they are managing, they will need to arrange for a proxy or stand in to be available at ride camp who will act as ride manager while the ride manager is out riding.Kari
Vet FeeFor now the vet fee will remain at $350.00 
Year End Awards BudgetThe budget for Year End Awards has been between $500 and $600 the past 2 years. 
At-Ride Fundraiser IdeaKari suggested the club look at the idea of running a 50/50 at individual rides.  Tickets could be $1 or $2 or $5 for 3 or whatever the ride manager decides.  Half of the proceeds would go to the winner and half would go to the club to help cover ride expenses.  Kari will talk to Linda C. about the possibility of running a 50/50 at the Birds Hill Park ride.          Kari
Ride Fee and Membership Increases for 2023Tabled 
Next MeetingThe next meeting will be Monday, August 8, 2022 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. 

Motion to adjourn:  moved by Linda, seconded by Kari

Meeting adjourned: Time: 7:57 p.m.