Ride Rules

General Rules
Applicable to all distance riding sports

  1. Open to all equine breeds
  2. All riders must wear a helmet (No Exception)
  3. Juniors (16 and under) must ride with adult sponsor unless 14 years of age with 300 competitive miles and a permission letter from their legal guardian.
  4. No medications allowed (except fly spray)
  5. Oral supplements allowed (electrolytes, vitamins,etc.)
  6. No abuse of horses or competitors tolerated
  7. Riders and horses considered in competition from pre-ride to post-ride vet check.
  8. All judging will be performed by qualified vets (except Mounted Relay).
  9. Each division will be awarded rosettes to 5th place (per ride) (except Mounted Relay).
  10. Members collect points from each ride towards year end awards (Points not transferable between divisions/sports)
  11. Mileage will be accumulated with badges and pins awarded at year end for 150 miles, 300 miles, 500 miles, 750 miles, etc.
  12. Plaques awarded at 1000 miles.
  13. All horses and riders are required to have a really good time!

MTRC follows the rules established by the national or North American organizations for each sport:

For fullĀ Competitive Trail Riding MTRC Rule Book click here , The book contains also the scoring charts and score cards.

There are of course some local rules which supersede those above, including mandatory helmet use by all competitors, and the requirement to be a member in good standing of the Manitoba Horse Council (for insurance purposes).