September 2020

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: September 1, 2020

Location:  Linda Gillies’ Home

Meeting called to order at 6:52 p.m. 

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Terry McKee, Mary Anne Kirk, Linda Gillies, Judy Olsen, Susan Heald,          Brenda Tolpa

Correction to previous Minutes:  The date of the last MTRC Meeting was July 30, 2020, not July 20

  Susan only booked Brittany for MTRC at the previous BHP ride, not DRM.                                     

Previous Meeting minutes approved.  Moved by Linda, seconded by Mary Anne, carried.

Additions to agenda:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  

Current Balances: GIC – $2,199.95; Chequing –  $7,128.93

2020 Membership: 26 single, 8 family with a total of 42 members

Bills to pay: None at this time

Club ManagementWebsite – no report
2Vet Recruitment: Kristen Wilson is booked for Sandilands.  No vet is booked for MEC as we don’t yet know what is happening. 
3MHC Grant:  The location of the MTRC corral at Spruce Woods has been moved to a slightly different location as there wasn’t enough room in the location previously suggested.  The Friends of Spruce Woods and the Park have decided against any signage being attached to the new corrals as there is the possibility of injury to horses.  They will post signs that are similar to signs previously posted recognizing other contributions made to the camping area.Susan

4Funding application – Mary Anne has submitted the application for $350 for the second half of the MHC funding and has been notified that the application has been received.  Mary Anne
5Equipment Management:  Elizabeth is no longer storing and managing MTRC and DRM equipment.  Both clubs will need to engage in further discussion as to how best store equipment.  Due to the large amount of equipment it was suggested that we divide the equipment into Trail Marking supplies and Ride Camp supplies.  We may need to purchase additional storage shelving and bins to “varmint” proof supplies.We need to check and see if a camp cook stove was purchased from Costco as per a previous discussion.Brenda will consider housing equipment.As a possible equipment storage solution, Brenda’s husband was volunteered to see how much it would cost to purchase a used, enclosed trailer to store the equipment.  It was suggested that an awning could be attached to one side of the trailer so that there would be no need to erect a separate canopy at events.

6Self declaration and waiver forms for volunteers: Susan emailed forms to volunteers for the BHP ride.  The self declaration forms worked well for riders and the waivers worked well for volunteers.  Judy had extra forms at the ride.  There was concern expressed about the need for a witness for those people completing the form at the event.  This complicated being able to comply with Covid protocols.  It was decided to use the club waiver for ”comers and goers” as there is no witness requirement on that form. For Sandilands, the RM will remind riders, crew and volunteers to complete club waiver as well as self declaration form prior to the ride so they can be easily collected. The  RM will have extra copies of the Release of Liability and Assumption of Liability on site so that everyone at the ride completes the form.  
7Meeting with Birds Hill Park, MHC, DRM and MTRC: There was discussion re the need for a meeting with these four groups to determine where the best ride site would be for future rides at Birds Hill Park.  Iris?
8MEC Ride:  MEC is cancelled for this year but since we already have a permit for a ride at BHP on September 27th ,  MTRC will hold a ride at the park on that date if we can find a Ride Manager.Iris will ask Dianne if she will Ride Manage.

B. Rides1.   Review Birds Hill Park Ridea) The Good:  It was a well organized and attended ride.  Trails        were well marked.b) Trials and Tribulations: The public access road to the BHP        Maintenance Yard and wood cutting lot was a problem.  This     location is used by other riders and cyclists so that traffic also    had to be managed.  Making sure “come and goers”     completed required paper work was a bit of a challenge.c) What could we do better:  Moving the ride completely to the     west side of the access road and well away from the road     would help resolve issues re traffic and managing     participants/visitors.  d)Registration process, self-declaration, waivers:  Judy will    contact Carrie re waivers for volunteers and crewe) Score Cards: If there are two scribes, each scribe could be     responsible for specific horses.  That way we would avoid     more than one person handling score cards or doing butt     numbers.f) Bunching Up:  There was no bunching up.g) East Gate Staging Area:  See c)h) Master Sheet:  Iris asked Mary Anne to add a spot for who     the volunteers are.     i) Trail Marking/RM Fee:        The Ride Manager is paid $50.  For the BHP ride both Susan            and Mary will each receive $50.         The Trail Marker is paid $100.  There was discussion about          what happens when a trail is marked and one club uses the          trail on day one and the other club uses the same trail on the          second day.  Iris will talk to Kelli re paying half of the TM fee         for the BHP ride.        For future 2 day rides where DRM and MTRC share the same         trail it was suggested that the two clubs split the trail marking           fee.
       2.  Sandilands Ride
 Permit:  Linda has applied for the permit but has not yet received it.  Iris says they are always late but Linda may contact them to make sure all is in order.Vet:  Kristen WilsonVolunteers:  Linda G is Ride Manager, Mary is Day Manager and possibly timer, Rollie is the Covid Rep and Parking Person, Iris is Trail Marker, Mary Anne is the scribe.  We still need a ”Floater”.Cut Off for Registrations: Midnight on Tuesday, September 8thPaid Covid Rep Position – MHC posted that they will be organizing a paid position for a Covid Rep.  Judy will contact MHC to get more info.



Mary Anne




Next Meeting:  Tuesday, October 6th at Iris’s House at 6 p.m.

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:20 p.m.  Moved by Susan, seconded by Brenda