Birds Hill MEC

MEC Results 2018

For placing, insert order of placement (1,2,3, etc.) or one of the following:

  • MO
  • DNF-RO
  • DNF-L
  • DNF-M
  • Mark
  • Demark

Membership Status on day of Ride, Member or Non-Member: See Column 6

Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
251Terry McGeeTW AgassizRafiqM50
252Iris OleksukEvening Klassic SVAEveeM37.5
253Eric ChabotWillowWillowM30
254Therese ChabotCosieCosieM25
Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
151Erin WinterJagJagNM40.5
152Sylvie ShachtayKaneKaneM28.5
153Don McCrimmonScarletScarletM28.5
154Donna GlasmanJFK Guess WhoJFK Guess WhoNM25.5
155Elizabeth BimaSavvySavvyNM22.5
156Kaitlin JamesDudeDudeNM19.5
157Susan HealdDeeDeeM16.5
158Angela RobertsDreamcatchers Calamity JaneCJM15
DemarkDarice Whyte on Serenade 15 Miles
DemarkTerry McGee on Rafiq 15 Miles
DemarkLinda Cruden on Sammy 10 Miles
DemarkAngela Roberts on CJ 10 Miles
Paid Ride Officials – Ride Manager(s) / Veterinarian(s)
Vet: Kristen Wilson from Central Vet
Volunteers (list roles)
Mary Anne Kirk: Day Manager and Tabulating
Kelli Hayhurst: Duties as arranged
Linda Cruden: Tabulating, Scribing, etc.
Carol Gibson: Timing and Duties