Spruce Woods ’17

For placing, insert order of placement (1,2,3, etc.) or one of the following:

  • MO
  • DNF-RO
  • DNF-L
  • DNF-M
  • Mark
  • Demark

Membership Status on day of Ride, Member or Non-Member: See Column 6

Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M/NMPoints
401Angela RobertsGraceM72
402Dianne BorgerBeau Tia MariaTiaM52
403Chelsea AshtonUTCS Farlan SnipSnipNM40
Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
251Shannon LightfootAye ChihuahuaLillyM70
252Iris OleksukEvening Klassic SVAEveeM57.5
253Darice WhytePrairie Winds Golden SerenadeSerenadeM50
254Carrie WilsonBrimi for Konzelmann FarmBrimiM45
255Trish FordeCopperM40
256Linda GilliesDakotaM35
257Brenda TolpaStarM30
258Terry McKeeTW AgassizRafiqM27.5
25MOHeidi PennerJahn DaraM0
Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
151 Eric ChabotCosieM22.5
152Therese ChabotWillowM15
10MLinda Gillies on DakotaM
10MLinda Cruden on ZeeM
10DemarkDarice Whyte on SerenadeM
10DemarkDianne Border on TiaM
25M/DIris Oleksuk on EveeM
25MarkAngela Roberts on GraceM
20M/DAngela Roberts on CJM
Paid Ride Officials – Ride Manager(s) / Veterinarian(s)
Vet: Dave Snell
Volunteers (list roles)
Carol Gibson: Timer
Linda Cruden: Scribe and Day Manager
Angela Roberts: Manager and Trail Marker
Iris Oleksuk: Trail Marking