MEC Birds Hill ’17

MEC at Birds Hill Park Sept 24,2017

For placing, insert order of placement (1,2,3, etc.) or one of the following:

  • MO
  • DNF-RO
  • DNF-L
  • DNF-M
  • Mark
  • Demark

Membership Status on day of Ride, Member or Non-Member: See Column 6

Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
251Shannon LightfootAye ChihuahuaLillyM67.5
252Angela RobertsGraceM55
253 Iris Oleksuk Evening Klassic SVA Evee M 37.5
254Terry McGeeTW AgassizRafiqM42.5
255Carrie WilsonBrimi from Konzellman FarmsBrimiM37.5
256Linda GilliesDakotaM32.5
257Brenda TolpaStarM27.5
25DNF-ROTrish FordeCierraM0
Mileage*PlacingRider NameHorseBarn**M / NMPoints
151Tammy StorieKaliyahM33
152Donna GlasmanOhlen KNM25.5
153Dianne BorgerPrairie Winds SantanaSantanaM21
15MOTherese ChabotCosieM0
15MOEric ChabotWillowM0
15DemarkJanine Thomson on FreddyM
15DemarkDiane Tolgyessy on CinchM
Paid Ride Officials – Ride Manager(s) / Veterinarian(s)
Dr. Dave Snell
Volunteers (list roles)
Mary Leahy: Trail Marking
Brenda Casement: Scribe etc.
Linda Cruden: Manager/ Scribe
Carol Gibson: Timing
Mary Ann Kirk: Tabulating
Darice Whyte: Photography