May 2020

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: May, 27, 2020

Location:  Iris Oleksuk’s Home

Meeting called to order at 6:50 p.m.. 

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Terry McKee, Mary Anne Kirk, Brenda Tolpa,  Carrie Wilson, Linda Gillies, Donna Glasman, Judy Olsen, Natalie Nordin

Additions to agenda:  Belair Ride (New Business #3) 

Canadian Horse Journal Sponsorship (New Business #1)

Previous Meeting minutes approved.  Moved by Angela,seconded by Donna, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  

-$2,189.00 GIC, $4,873.62 Chequing. 

-2020 Membership: 12 single, 4 family 

-No bills to pay

Item: Discussion: Action
A. Club Management Zoho –  No report None
  Website – Up and fine.  No report Carrie
   Vet Recruitment – Email from Susan indicating that the vet for Belair.  Iris will ask Susan to cancel the vet for the June ride. The club is waiting to hear from MHC (who is answerable to Sport Manitoba) when competition can resume so that we will know which rides may proceed.  Susan will then be advised as to which rides require a vet. Iris
  Grant: Susan – No report  
  Committees:  Clothing from Mary – No report Iris
  Safe Sport: – Clarification from Linda Hazelwood – There is no liability conferred with sponsoring a junior rider.  The sponsor must have a NCCP number. If a rider has no NCCP number they must pay a $5 fee.  A junior rider must ride with an adult rider who is called a sponsor/mentor.  This does not confer liability for the sponsor/mentor. – Donna reported that the Hunter Jumper riders pay an additional $5 a day if they don’t have a coach with a NCCP number.    
B. Moving Forward 1.   Clinic – Cancelled for now  
  Clarification on Competitions:     Belair, May 30, 2020 – cancelled     Birds Hill Park, June 13, 2020 – cancelled     Spruce Woods, August 22, 2020 – No ride manager to                 date.  As an alternate option, Linda G. is willing to            host a ride in the Gross Isle area.  To be discussed            at upcoming meeting when club has Sport MB            guidelines.     Sandilands, September 12, 2020 – Iris is waiting to            complete the permit for Sandilands. Iris will respond            to an email received from the Tree Planters saying            that they will be using the horse campsite until June            1st.  There is the option of using the campsite used            last year but that area may be a bit tight for some of            the larger rigs.     MEC, September 20, 2020 – No ride manager       Other possible rides – Carrie will contact Shannon to see             if she would consider being a ride manager in BHP             in July or Aug. 8.             Iris emailed Maura to see what her plans are for               July 11 and 12 and is waiting for a reply.        There was discussion regarding how to run rides during      Covid.  Suggestions included only having       preregistration, no food provided, no ribbons.  Limit      personnel to vet, scribe, time keeper, send out teams of        two riders at a time and increase time between riders      leaving.        Another meeting is required to plan rides and protocols      For 2020 according to Covid guidelines. Need direction          from the Province.                   Iris             Carrie     Iris
C. Inventory 1. Items needed:  Angela will check to see if we have              enough ribbons for a potential 4 rides this season.               If we have 4 rides this year we will have an awards              evening.     Angela will return a water cube to Inventory (Elizabeth’s). Angela       Angela
D.  Manitoba Horse Council 1. MEC: September 18 -02 20 – No report  
  2.  AGM: Judy – Zoom AGM held on April 16, 2020.  Minutes have not yet been sent to members.  Judy will forward those when they are sent.  General info included 2019 membership was stable.  2020 has a $18,000 deficit in memberships with an anticipated loss of $40,000 for the year due to COVID. There is a medication account with $13,920 possibly available for education grants. Judy
E. General Updates 1.  Horse identification – Donna volunteered to make 50 horse I.D. clips which attach to a horse’s mane or tail in the event they are separated from their rider during a ride.  These may be sold as fund raisers for $2.00 each Donna
  2.  Sponsorship: Central Vet – Linda Cruden – No report  

Next meeting:  Wednesday, June 10 at 6 p.m. at Iris’s.  BYOM (bring your own meat to BBQ)

Motion to adjourn moved by Linda C., seconded by Brenda, carried.

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:01 p.m.