February 2019

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2019

Location:  Smitty’s Restaurant, Selkirk, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:15 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Hailie Emms, Natalie Nordin, Kelli Hayhurst, Terry McKee, Susan Heald, Emil Kucera, Janine Thomson, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Carrie Schellenberg Wilson, Eugene Roussin, Tammy Storie, Brenda Tolpa, Judy Olson, Nicole MacDonald, and Joy Galloway-White.

Agenda adopted as read by Janine and seconded by Hailie.

Meeting minutes adopted as posted by Hailie, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  $2,178.11 GIC, $5,142.21 Chequing.

Membership: 15 single, 4 family = 23 total


$262.50 for Curling Club (Fundraiser), $42 Sandilands Ride permit – Iris

$42 for Belair Ride Permit – Susan

$394.20 – Director’s Insurance

$1.81, $7.93 for Fundraiser Marketing, $27.50 for basket (Fundraiser) – Linda

Received $150 rebate from MHC for attending both annual meetings

Fundraiser raised $2,361.62

Motion to accept, Natalie and Terry, carried.

Deferred Business
Item: Discussion: Actionee
Website/Facebook Non-permanent address is mbtrailridingclub.wordpress.com   If there is agreement, the website will go live next week.  Member are to review and, if there are any suggestions, contact Carrie.  Password is “test”.   Facebook event page, Iris is to be added as an Administrator. Carrie      
Clinic: Distance Rides 101 Will be held at Janine Thomson’s on Saturday 11 May 2019 from 10-12 (tentative).   Currently four categories set up: CTR Rules, Volunteer Jobs, Heart Rate and Respiration, and What you’ll need when you come to a ride.   Volunteer jobs: Scribe, Timer, and Tabulating – Tammy. Heart Rate: How to use handhelds and stethoscopes – Kelli. How to evaluate Respiration, Temperature and how to estimate weight – Kelli and Natalie? Kelli will email Welcome Package to Susan. All handhelds have batteries – Kelli purchased and replaced before putting them in inventory.   No cost to participants.  Possible draw for a ride entry or membership.   $200 budget for snacks and refreshments.  Coffee/tea, water, juice and soft drinks, and muffins or something similar.   Susan Kelli Tammy Natalie?
Zoho Online Registration DRM is getting the large subscription.  In theory, MTRC could share costs but more research would need to be done to ensure that process for year end meets requirements.  A committee will be created to address. Iris Carrie Kelli Ride Mgrs ?
Ride Manager’s Handbook Iris has reviewed and removed the drug testing portion.  Iris and Angela will continue to review and revise.   For reference, OCTRA has a good site for Ride Managers. Iris Angela
Ride Updates Sandilands – Permit purchased, Janine will mark trail. BHP – Shannon not available for update Belair – Permit purchased, Troi and Iris will mark trail MEC – Iris is still scheduled as Day Manager, looking for someone who would like to take the position as she would like to ride. Spruce Woods – Angela has not started preparations yet. Iris Shannon Susan Angela
Volunteer Appreciation Ideas BBQ and bonfire were suggested.  Perhaps not an event but specific items to be purchased with individuals in mind.  
MHC Director’s Insurance to be paid, event calendar sent in and posted, recreation grant tabled.  
Bud, Spud and Bird $25/ticket, 109 dinners sold, thank yous to go to Ken and Nicole for the Jets tickets, Diane Tolgyessy for the lamp.  The team setting up did a great job.  
Clothing Order Tammy will post particulars and sizing chart on the Facebook page.  Iris will email to members. Tammy Iris
Volunteer Chair Tammy has put out a request for volunteers for the rides.  Spruce Woods has been taken care of; Sandilands has a Timer and a Scribe, and Belair has a Timer.  
Ribbons Angela will order stock first week of March. Angela
Score Cards Angela will order stock first week of March. Angela
Inventory Carrie and Kelli are meeting with Elizabeth Bima ref inventory Kelli  
Pamphlets Created and distributed to members. Please print out a few copies each and distribute. membership
Board of Directors USB drives Kelli has updated all of the USB drives and distributed to the BoD.  
New Business
Coggins Testing MTRC and DRM will be requiring a negative Coggins Test for this ride season.  Tammy stated that there is a group testing event tentatively being set up for 28 April at BHP, the vet will be Dr. Brittney Derksen.  Tammy will post to both website and Facebook when the details have been confirmed.   You will be required to PROVIDE to Ride Management, your negative Coggins Test paperwork at the events.  
Photo Album There is a club photo album that has not been updated in a few years.  Terry will talk to Darice about the photos.  If Darice is agreeable to providing the photos, Brenda has agreed to put the album together. Terry Brenda
Ride Information Binders Iris has started a binder for Sandilands just keeping track of all the information and processes required to set up her ride.  It has been suggested for all Ride Managers to do this, so that when someone else is running a ride at that location, the information is already available. Ride Mgrs

Next meeting: 9 April 2019 at Tammy Storie’s residence, 6 p.m.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Janine, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 9:07 p.m.