July 30 2020

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

Date: July 30, 2020

Location:  Terry McKee’s Home

Meeting called to order at 6:50 p.m. 

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Terry McKee, Mary Anne Kirk, Carrie Wilson, Linda Gillies, Janine Thomson,          Judy Olsen, Angela Roberts, Susan Heald, Brenda Tolpa

Correction to previous Minutes: Treasurer’s Report – the chequing account should have read as $4,923.62   Range of speed for 15 mile ride – 4 to 5 mph; 25 mile ride – 5 to 6 mph; 40 mile ride – 6 to 7 mph.

Previous Meeting minutes approved.  Moved by Linda, seconded by Janine, carried.

Additions to agenda:  None

Treasurer’s Report:  

-GIC – $2,199.95; Chequing –  $6,841.62. 

-2020 Membership: 22 single, 8 family with a total of 38 members

-Bills to pay – $42 Sandilands fee; items for Gross Isle ride – $17.37, $28.36, $96.69, $8.95.  Motion to pay: Susan, seconded by Brenda.

Club ManagementWebsite – no report
2Vet Recruitment – Susan booked Brittany for both days of BHP, Glenn is not able to do Sandilands.  No vet is booked for MEC as we don’t yet know what is happening. 
3MHC Grant – Susan reported that the corrals are ordered Susan will be contacted for a credit card number and then Susan will send the invoice to Mary Anne.The signs have to be approved by the Park and MHC.  Susan will get more info regarding the details for the signs so that they can be made.  Everything is moving forward very well.Susan

4Funding application – Mary Anne received $350 funding and will apply for the second half.  
B. Rides1.   Review Gross Isle Gambola) The Good – Linda posted large maps which were great as riders could take pictures of the map with their phone so they’d have it on the ride.  Participants observed social distancing.  Having a hose with running water was very handy. The registration process worked very well.  Having a parking attendant worked very well.  b) Carrie mentioned that if you don’t get a confirmation email that means your registration did not go through.  Mary Anne found the process worked well for her.  Only one rider did not pay.c) Judy suggested that everyone who rides and volunteers fill out a self declaration and waiver online.  Drop-ins do a verbal self declaration.  The Ride Manager will give a link to volunteers and regular attendees to complete the self declaration and waiver online.  We should have blank forms on hand just in case someone attends who has not completed the waiver.The Covid Compliance Officer is the Day Manager or Covid Rep.  Carrie printed a list with emergency contact info so that the RM will have quick access to the info.  d)  The RM keeps the self declaration forms for 21 days.  Waivers are kept on line.  Riders will add their Coggins test with every ride registration form to keep things simple.Coaching fee – There is a form that needs to be completed so MHC knows who owes a coaching fee.  Mary Anne will submit the coaching fees to MHCe) Butt numbers were written on horses doing the 15 as riders were not known.  The scribe needs to do the Butt # and ride cards.There was some bunching up of horses coming in but that was because the time between riders leaving was shortened due to the extreme temperature.  The 40 mile ride could have been shortened to a 30 mile ride due to the extreme heat and humidity. Any change has to be done prior to the start of a ride.  The vet could be consulted for advice on whether or not a ride needs to be shortened.f) Score Cards – Some riders picked up their cards at the end of the ride.  Iris will have a folder where she will keep ride cards that were not picked up.  These will be available at the next ride.Master Sheet – There was considerable discussion on the master sheet and what the point tabulator needs to tally scores.  Mary Anne will create a form that the point tabulator will complete and give to Iris.  She will send it to Kelli to compete the year end scores


Mary Anne


Mary Anne

2. BHP Ride on August 23a) Susan – Ride Managerb) Vet – Brittanyc) Volunteers, Carol, Judy, Carrie, Mary Anne.  Linda will ask Mary to be a scribe and Rollie if he will be a parking attendant.d) The Covid protocols worked well at Linda’s ride so we will continue with that format.  Susan will stay overnight after the DRM ride and be on site for the MTRC ride the next day.  Registrations will be out August 3.  Cut off for registration is Tuesday, August 18th.  Ride times will be ready the next day.  Riders must register ahead.  If someone can’t make a ride, riders will get refund.e) Darice will contact Bruce King, President of the Polo Club to see if we can use the north end of their field as the area MHC has designated for our ride is too small.  -There is a need for MTRC, DRM, MHC (Gerrie Sweet) and Park personnel to meet so that we can find a suitable location for our rides. Darice has arranged for water for the ride through MHC.
3.  Sandilands Ride a)  The permit has been applied for but not yet received.b)  Vet – to be announcedc) Volunteers – to be decided.

MTRC, DRM, BHP staff, MHC (Gerrie Sweet)

Next Meeting:  September 1st at 6 p.m. at Linda Gillies.  Potluck

Motion to adjourn, moved by Angela, seconded by Brenda, carried.

Meeting adjourned: Time 8:51 p.m.