Covid-19 Policy and Procedures

Download the Daily Covid-19 Self Attestation and Agreement. Print it out and bring a completed copy to every event. Every person must have one in order to access the event.

Covid-19 Policy for Manitoba Equestrian Distance Competitions

MTRC and DRM have collaborated to form this policy based on the guidelines from the Province of Manitoba, Sport Manitoba and Manitoba Horse Council. These policies allow our clubs to hold competitions that are compliant with the specific concerns of these . The policies also ensure that our riders have every possible opportunity to avoid contracting the virus or spreading it. Thank you for taking the time to ensure you can be compliant! 

In anticipation of the event….

  • If you are ill, you should not participate, be a spectator or volunteer at an event
  • All registrations must be submitted online prior to the registration deadlines. Registrations after the deadline will not be permitted. ‘Walk up’ registrations will not be permitted.
  • Participants will be required to list any additional people (crew, family) coming with them to the ride on their registrations. Total number of people at the event will be limited based on the current Manitoba restrictions.
  • Liability waivers from our insurance company will be part of the registration and must be submitted with registration.
  • Every person at the competition will be required to submit a “Self Declaration” that will be included in the registration. The Self Declaration must be completed by each person attending the ride (including spectators, crew and volunteers) and submitted to the Ride Staff at the time of their arrival.
  • Water and food for volunteers, staff, and/or participants is not provided. Bring your own.
  • Water for horses may be provided at some venues. Consult specific ride information for details. Plan a way to bring sufficient water for your horse(s).
  • Ride maps and/or narratives, if available, will be emailed to participants prior to the event.
  • Whenever possible, the Ride Manager will communicate your start time and ride grouping (for MTRC) to you prior to the ride.

At the event…..

  • All vehicles will be “checked in” by Ride Staff (“Self Declarations” must be produced at that time). Please take note of the designated Entry point. 
  • Ride Staff will maintain detailed lists of who was at the event for a minimum of 21 days to assist with contact tracing, if required.
  • Ride staff is limited to: Ride Manager (or Day Manager), Vet, Scribe, Timer and one other Volunteer
  • Only Ride Staff and registered participants will be permitted in the vet area.
  • Wait at your trailer for your pre-ride vet check until the vet area is clear. 
  • Maintain appropriate physical distancing at all times, including around the Ride Tent, in the vet area, and around your horses and trailers. Special consideration should be given to those over the age of 70 or anyone with an increased risk of contracting Covid-19.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the Ride Tent for Ride staff. 
  • Ride Staff will frequently wipe down any commonly touched areas in the ride tent and/or vet area,
  • Consider using a mask when you are in the vet area. Some masks will be available for Ride Staff and for when appropriate physical distancing is not possible
  • Ride cards will be prepared by Ride Staff prior to the ride. At the ride, Ride cards will only be handled by the Scribe until the end of the event when they are released to the Rider.
  • All pulse checks will be conducted by the Vet. Ride Staff will not be providing “Courtesy Checks” and will not have handheld heart rate monitors for you to use. Consider bringing your own. 
  • Set up your crew area at your trailer. Ride staff will assist in letting you know when it is your time for a vet check.
  • Where possible, garbage cans will be provided. However, have a plan to take your garbage with you.
  • Washrooms are not provided. Plan to provide your own facility.
  • The Ride Manager will conduct ride meetings in small groups prior to the ride. 
  • The Ride Manager is also the Covid-19 Compliance Officer. Ride Managers are responsible for ensuring guidelines are being followed and are also the final authority for removing people who are not compliant with this policy.
  • When mounted, Competitors should keep at least 5 meters apart, especially at the Start Gate.
  • As a reminder, you are participating in this event at your own risk. Consider bringing your own hand sanitizer, mask and/or gloves for your own protection, as you see fit.

After the event…..

  • There will be no formal presentation of awards at each competition. Ribbons and other awards will be presented at a Year End Awards event.
  • You may get your Ride Card from Ride Staff after the event is completed