April 2019

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

April 9, 2019

Location:  Tammy Storie’s Residence, Springfield, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:40 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Natalie Nordin, Kelli Hayhurst, Terry McKee, Susan Heald, Linda Gillies, Mary Anne Kirk, Tammy Storie, Brenda Tolpa, Judy Olson, and Therese Chabot.

Additions to agenda:  Flagging and trail marking scheme. Agenda adopted as modified by Kelli and seconded by Terry.

Meeting minutes adopted as posted by Kelli, seconded by Terry, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  $2,178.11 GIC, $3,806.47 Chequing.

Membership: 19 single, 4 family = 27 total


$580.82 – Rosettes, Angela

$101.99 – Score Cards, Angela

$52.50 – BHP Ride permit, Kelli

$41.02 – Photo album, Brenda

Motion to accept, Terry and Tammy, carried.

Deferred Business
Item: Discussion: Actionee
Website/Facebook Reviews were good.  Easy to navigate.  Deferred.  
Clinic: Distance Rides 101 Will be held at Janine Thomson’s on Saturday 11 May 2019 from 10-1 pm.     Broken down as follows: Welcome/intro of BoD – Susan, 15 min Rules and Front page of score card – Iris, 15 min Volunteer job descriptions – Tammy, 15 min Trot out Technique – Terry, 15 min Refreshment (and recruitment) Break Vitals – Natalie/Kelli Back side of score card Group practice – 1.5 hours Trot out demo Thank you, Close Handouts ScorecardsWelcome package (Kelli to review)Sequence of Events (agenda)   Handouts to be printed and reimbursed.  $200 budget for snacks and refreshments.  Coffee/tea, water, juice and soft drinks, and muffins or something similar.   Send any advert information to Iris for distribution to the email list.   Kelli will pick up whiteboards, markers, HR monitors and club stethoscope.   Eugene Roussin has planned to attend.  Anyone who wants to attend must contact Susan Heald, sheald53@gmail.com.   Susan Kelli Tammy Natalie Iris Terry
Zoho Online Registration Deferred to next ride season.  DRM is using for now; we can decide at a later date.  
Ride Manager’s Handbook Susan Heald is currently reviewing and revising. Susan Iris Angela
Ride Updates Sandilands – Permit purchased, Janine will mark trail. BHP – Shannon not available for update Belair – Permit purchased, Troi and Iris will mark trail MEC – Iris is still scheduled as Day Manager, looking for someone who would like to take the position as she would like to ride. Spruce Woods – Angela has not started preparations yet. Iris Shannon Susan Angela
Volunteer Appreciation Ideas Ride Managers will be responsible for providing something to their volunteers.  Fundraiser bags were mentioned as possible gifts.  Deferred.  
Clothing Order Tammy has posted on Facebook.  She will be taking orders until 12 April. Tammy to ask about having club mileage crests done at Glovers. Tammy  
Volunteer Chair Tammy has put out a request for volunteers for the rides.  No new committed volunteers at this time.  
Ribbons Done.  Iris will keep and distribute at rides. Angela
Score Cards Done.  Angela will get them to Iris before the first ride, 1 June. Angela
Proof of Coggins Has been added to the registration forms that will be sent to the website for use this ride season.    Note:  There will be a group coggins provided by Dr. Brittney on 28 April at the East Gate BHP, 10-2 pm. $50/horse. Iris
Photo Album update Brenda has added pictures for the 2017 and 2018 ride seasons.  The June BHP ride and the September Sandilands Rides were missing.  If anyone has any photos from either of those rides, please send them to Brenda Tolpa. Ride lessons learned: Keep track of photos Brenda
New Business
AGM 16 Nov at Smitty’s in Selkirk, 9 am.   Iris
Bag Fundraiser Joint fundraiser with DRM, bags made from feedbags created by members will be sold $5 each or 5 for $20.  The bags will be for sale at the DRM tack sale on 27 April at Superior Equestrian Centre on Hwy 206.  For anyone looking to purchase outside of the tack sale, contact Kelli Hayhurst. Kelli
New Registration form Iris has created a new registration form to be posted to the website. Iris
Flagging and changes to trail marking scheme Flagging has been changed to the following: Loop colours will be pink and white/blue and white/yellow and white Turning colours will be red for right (port) and green for left (starboard).   Exceptions will be Souris Bend ride as markers are permanent and one trail is red.  Turns will be marked by extra ribbons and Spruce Woods, Maura uses her own ribbons and will continue to use her regular marking scheme.  Note: these are DRM rides NOT MTRC.  MTRC trails will be marked according to the new flagging requirements. Ride Mgrs

Next meeting: 23 May 2019 at Terry McKee’s residence, 6 p.m.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Therese, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 7:57 p.m.