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 - has also been pruned of most of the oldest pictures. With the increasing popularity of on-line posting of pictures, it is now much easier to link to people’s own sites or albums than to duplicate the effort here. However, If you do have good photos from recent rides to share and have no other means, you can  e-mail them to Emil .  Almost any electronic format is welcome, just do not send more than about 5 MB at a time, the servers don’t like that.
However, - it is best if you post your pictures on line (Picasa, Flickr, or similar) and e-mail me the link. The latest links for last year’s rides are a good example - a big THANK YOU to Darice for sharing them.

    Please note that the pictures may open in a new window, if you don’t see it, check that it is not hidden
    behind your main one. Also, be avare that most of the windows are resizable to some extent. If you end up with a blank window in Explorer, make sure javascript is enabled, or (better) try another browser; sorry.

2017 Riding season

2016 Riding Season:

2015 Riding Season:

What is the Souris tour? Follow a ride on the map, and click on the camera icon, it will open a (resizable) window to show you what the rider saw!