Sandilands 2015


We had one junior rider:  Ethan Garn  thank you for coming out with Ginger.

Training Division:   10 miles.  We had  6 riders, 3 who were non competitive and 3 competive. 

Sherri Parkinson on Private, Cora Hohenberg on Dakila, and Zoe Falk on Wyn   rode in the non competitive training ride and received completions of 10 miles.

Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire placed first,  Natalie Nordin on Jemma placed second and Wendy Carnegie on The X Factor RF  ( Bolt) placed third

NOVICE DIVISION: 20 miles.  We had one person who elevated from the training to the Novice division…Lena Sochaski on Abby..she receives mileage of 20 miles.

Three riders started but did not finish the 20 miles .  They were  Josie Bima on Jag, Amanda Pike on Rusty and Crystal Bywater on Dollar,  Thank-you so much for coming to our ride..please come again.

Two other riders completed outside the time allotment.  Ashley Fudge on Perpetual Motion and Elizabeth Bima on Tucker will receive 20 miles

Camille Sochaski on Springer placed first

Angela Swanson on Autumn placed second

Terry McKee on  TW Agassiz placed third

Dianne Borger on Prairie Winds Santana placed fourth

Stan Banasiak on Coda placed fifth

OPEN DIVISION:    Three riders started and  finished the 30 miles.

There was a tie between first and second which had to be broken by the vet.

1st went to Darice Whyte on Beau Tia Maria

2nd to Angela Roberts on Grace

3rd to Linda Gillies on Dakota

Avery Delanoy rode a 25 mile DRM ride for qualification purposes.

Iris Oleksuk  on Heritage Afire and Angela Roberts on Grace will each receive 30 miles for marking and demarking.