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ride fees


Ride fees are paid for each event in advance, by cheque or e-transfer (see rides) or before you ride and are set for each ride according to the division:









NON-PREPAID will cost $10 more.

ELEVATOR RIDE will cost $10 more if elevating from 15 to 25 miles

NON MEMBERS pay an additional $10 day fee.

Juniors pay $5 less per category

MANITOBA HORSE COUNCIL:  All riders must be MHC members

 MHC  membership this year : Adult:  $60.50,   Junior  $ 49.50  (under 18 as of Jan. 1 2018)  Golden:  $49.50  individuals between 70 and 90 as of Jan. 1, 2018; Temporary:  per event, $35.

MTRC CLUB MEMBERSHIP:  $25 single  or  $40  family