MEC 2015  - Birds Hill


Training Level..15  miles

6 started and 6 finished on time.  In alphabetical order

Hailie Emms on Maximus, Sylvia  Himmelstoss on  Lady Lou ,  Shannon Lightfoot on Mr. Blue Skye,   Carla Melquist on Connor,   Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire, Sylvie Shachtay on Scarlet,


1st place  Hailie Emms on Maximus

2nd Iris Oleksuk on Heritage Afire

3rd  Sylvia Himmelstoss on Lady Lou

Points deducted were 0, 2,4,9,11, 34  so you can tell where you fit in.

Novice Level..25 miles

6 started and 5 finished.  In alphabetical order :

Stan Banasiak on Coda, Avery Delannoy on Elvis was pulled for lameness,  Linda Gillies on Dakota , Angela Roberts on Grace,  Camille Sochaski on Springer,  Brenda Tolpa on Star

1st Angela Roberts on Grace

2nd Brenda Tolpa on Star

3rd Stan Banasiak on Coda

Points deducted were as follows 10, 14,19,27,39. 

Trail demarking on horseback for mileage would be Terry McGee on Rafiq  10 miles.