May 2016

Manitoba Trail Riding Club

Meeting Minutes

May 18, 2016

Location:  Hailie Emm’s Residence, Stony Mountain, MB

Meeting called to order at 6:41 p.m.

Attendance:  Iris Oleksuk, Angela Roberts, Camille Sochaski, Jen Simons, and Natalie Nordin.

Additions to the agenda: Out of date MTRC Website Information and fundraising idea.

Omission from the Minutes from Apr 26 meeting: Mary Anne was in attendance, adopted as read by Angela, seconded by Natalie, carried.

Treasurer’s Report:  $2,145.76 GIC, $1,824.18 Chequing. (Note: these totals do not include any money from the cancelled Sandilands ride)

Membership: 18 single, 1 family = 20 total

Motion to accept, Natalie and Iris, carried.


Old Business





Printed and ready for Pembina Valley Ride.



Mary Anne has found an auditor.  To be completed after tax season.  Tabled.

Mary Anne


Hailie attended the meeting on behalf of MTRC.  We received the $150 for attending two meetings.  She did also pick up several copies of the booklet “Humane Condition of Horses”.

There have been no bingos for MTRC since May of last year.  MHC is planning to cut the Bingo Chairperson position.  Iris will contact MHC reference bingo opportunities.

Pricing for the use of the facilities may be increasing.  We will find out after the BHP ride.  We will need to explore other options for staging rides at BHP.  Perhaps not even use the MHC grounds.  We are not trying to circumvent fees, just trying to get out of the way.


Sandilands Ride Refunds

Ride fees have not been deposited.  For those who did pre-register and would like a credit or a refund, please contact Iris or Mary Anne.


Mary Anne

Rule Book

A rule book has been printed for Pembina Valley.


Canopy Logo

Kelli has the Canopy.  Hailie has someone who can put our logo on it.  She will get a quote one colour, two wall logos and MTRC on all four overhang sides.


New Business

Pembina Valley Ride

$150 will go to Chelsea for marking trail, vet bill will be pro-rated as per the number of riders attending an MTRC/DRM event.  Chelsea had asked if MTRC would like to run a two-day event, Iris declined as there is a lack of interest in two-day events. 

There is an outhouse and water available for the horses.  There are no corrals/pens onsite. 

Vet and ride times are as follows:

40 miles – NA, no riders

25 miles – Vetting starts at 8:00, riders out at 9:30

15 miles – Vetting starts at 9:00, riders out at 10:00

Iris will send out a poster.


Out of Date information on Website

Hailie brought up some out-of-date links on the website.  Season’s Ranch and Horse Country do not exist anymore. Iris will contact the webmaster. Rules page to be replaced with a copy of the new rule book.  Angela to send the PDF to Emil to post.




Fundraiser Idea

Hailie and Angela will look into the cost of having a Paint Nite Fundraiser.





There are no bills at this time


Next meeting:  June 9 at Natalie Nordin’s residence, 48 Risbey Cres, Winnipeg (St. James) at 6:00 p.m.  This meeting is a potluck.

Motion to adjourn made by Angela, seconded by Hailie, carried.

Meeting adjourned: 7:44 p.m.